Malacca Famous Fried Oyster at Jalan Bunga Raya

Malacca Famous Fried Oyster at Jalan Bunga Raya

Malacca is known for its wonderful selection of famous local food such as Satay Celup and Durian Cendol. Malaysians just love heading to Malacca for those delicacies right?

But hey, apparently Malacca has a famous fried oyster stall and I managed to try it out during my recent Malacca trip.

malacca medan makan boon leong

Located in the “Medan Makan Boon Leong” food court along Jalan Bunga Raya, this Oh Chien (fried oyster in Hokkien) business is practically a one-man-show business.

Priced at RM6 a serving, famous food doesn’t come cheap anymore huh?

fried oyster price

Hmm… I wonder what’s the number behind the “6”. Could be RM2 back in those days huh?

Anyway, met Mr. Oh Chien – the leading man of this fried oyster business…

malacca fried oysters business

Throughout the whole time, he was totally engrossed and focused in cooking the fried oysters. There were no distractions and he didn’t even talk to anyone.

Simply equipped with a big skillet and the necessary ingredients, each round of cooking can only prepare 6 servings of fried oysters. It takes about 10 minutes for each batch.

Anyway, here’s how this famous Malacca fried oyster is made…

fried oyster eggs

Firstly, about 12 eggs are poured into the skillet with oil. Oh yeah, it’s called “fried oyster omelette” too – due to the amount of eggs.

The eggs are prepared by an elderly lady, perhaps the mother or a relative – I’m not really sure. She sits on a separate table just beside the stall.

fried oyster assistant

This assistant aunty would crack a fixed number of eggs into small individual containers and then pass them to Mr. Oh Chien. Similarly, she’s very much engrossed with her task too.

Alright, back to the fried oysters…

fried oyster stirred

Mr. Oh Chien would then stir it consistently until the eggs turn golden brown. At this point, you would definitely smell the wonderful aroma from the fried eggs.

By the way, look at the waiting customers…

fried oyster cook

Having nothing else to do, they turned into Mr. Oh Chien’s audience. Well actually, it was quite interesting to watch the way the fried oysters are cooked and prepared.

fried oyster ingredient

Various ingredients are also added into the skillet, enhancing the flavour and texture of the plain eggs.

fried oyster oysters

Minutes before the batch is ready, only a handful of fresh oysters were added into the skillet – definitely not proportional to the amount of eggs.

Nevertheless, after a few more rounds of stirring, the batch of fried oyster is done…

fried oyster ready

Here’s the end result. It looks more like fried eggs right?

So the whole process was repeated continuously as more and more customers dropped by and made their orders.

Well, being famous is definitely good for the business. People keep coming and ordering non-stop. At RM6 per serving, this small business surely earn big.

fried oyster wait 1

However, a downside of being famous falls on its customers – they had to patiently wait. And since only one person is handling the fried oysters, the production rate is rather limited.

I actually waited 1 hour and 15 minutes to finally get my order…

fried oyster wait 2

So I watch while I waited. Watched for so long, Mr. Oh Chien also no look back at me.

fried oyster wait 3

And kept waiting like an obedient kid… but my mind was always thinking – Y U NO FASTER?!

fried oyster wait 4

You know, we did think of giving up and just leave. But the fact that we’ve already waited and it’s apparently the famous Malacca fried oyster made us regain our patience.

Anyway, the fried oyster is not bad – but the amount of oysters is definitely limited, just not enough. Compared to the ones in Penang, the cooking method and style are different.

As for myself, I gotta say that I enjoyed eating it. The eggs are simply delicious, and I don’t actually care much about the oysters – I just love the eggs.

malacca famous fried oyster

Will I go back again for the fried oyster? Yes, maybe. It’s tasty and a unique delicacy, unlike the overrated chicken rice ball.

Does it live up to its “famous” title? Yes it is, but Mr. Oh Chien should be more generous with the oysters.

[Kiamsap mode] But you know what, RM6 for a packet of eggs is actually sibeh expensive. [/Kiamsap mode]

Medan Makan Boon Leong
Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka
Business Hours: Daily about 2000 onward
GPS Coordinates: 2.1983, 102.2513

29 thoughts on “Malacca Famous Fried Oyster at Jalan Bunga Raya

  1. tak apa la…go the food court in Puchong there..the oh chien much nicer need wait so long some more…we usually buy rm13…quite a lot

  2. i went to a stall at the night market there earlier this year and it’s way better than what we have here around klang valley.

    LOL at the pic of you staring while squatting.

  3. Love this place! It has one of the better fried oysters in Malaysia though the only complain is they are quite kedekut with the oysters. But if one is in historical Malacca, this is one good place to stop by.

  4. you’re cute bro, especially posing there squatting. :)

    Malacca’s fried oyster is different in that it’s drier and more “fried egg” like. Some may not get used to it, but hey, for ppl like me who loves fried eggs, it’s all good XD

  5. Which day you when there? If weekdays, no so many people, I only waited about 30 minutes or less. Weekend of course lots of people go buy… (Malaccan XD) It was RM 5 b4..

  6. haha.. i wont go back to that stall again la.. coz..
    1. wait so long..
    2. service not nice..
    3. oyster? ahaha.. it’s damn small and not even can really try it out..
    4. RM6? too expensive.. better eat other thing better…

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