Malacca Panoramic View at Menara Taming Sari

Standing in the middle of the Malacca city, Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower) is the first of its kind in Malaysia with a revolving observation cabin of a 360-degree view of the entire historical city.

menara taming sari

During my recent visit to Malacca, we decided to give this tower a ride on the 2nd day.

Even though the tower look neither sophisticated nor appealing, the fact that it has a rotating observation platform is an attraction point.

menara taming sari melaka

The whole tower is 110 meters tall but the viewing deck can only reach as high as 80 meters for the visitors to experience a 360° panoramic view of Malacca, also known as an UNESCO World Heritage City.

The Menara Taming Sari ticket price rate is quite reasonable…

menara taming sari price

But if you happen to be a Malaysian, you get a discounted rate of 50% with your MyKad identity card.

Which means a Malaysian adult like myself would only pay RM10 for a ride, whereas a Malaysian child is at RM5.

10 ringgit note

Once the tickets are bought, we proceed to the waiting area.

menara taming sari queue

Since it was a public holiday, the queue was unavoidable. Nevertheless, each viewing session can accommodate 66 people and takes only 7 minutes. Therefore, the wait wasn’t long.

At the same time, there is a stall that provide binocular rental service…

binocular for rent

They have different types of binoculars for rent, from as cheap as RM3, but I don’t think it’s necessary unless you’re gonna stalk on sexy ladies on the ground below.

Actually the naked eye view of the Malacca city is good enough.

menara taming sari entrance

After waiting about 20 minutes, it was finally our turn. Once all the seats are taken up, the cabin is ready for take off.

menara taming sari deck

With the seats situated along the perimeter, everyone will enjoy the same view as each other.

After the doors are closed, the cabin is lifted from the ground and starts to rotate instantly.

menara taming sari wheels

Those wheels are the mechanism that coordinate the rotation of the observation deck. Oh by the way, it’s made with Swiss technology.

Well, in no time, the viewing platform is already meters above the ground. So it’s time to either sit back and enjoy the panoramic view, or… take photos like there’s no tomorrow.

Guess what I did? Yeah, obviously a kiasu blogger like me will hold my bigass camera and snap photos.

menara taming sari view

From meters above, cars parked along Jalan Merdeka look like miniatures.

menara taming sari river view

Well-developed buildings and roads surround the estuary of the historical Malacca River.

menara taming sari ship view

The Samudera Maritime Museum, a replica structure of a Portuguese ship that houses the maritime exhibitions and artifacts.

menara taming sari jalan merdeka view

Jalan Merdeka, the busy tourist hub with shopping centers such as Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade.

menara taming sari visit

That’s a handsome dude from Germany, who allowed me to take a photo of him with the Jalan Merdeka view. He volunteered, just so you know.

menara taming sari city view

Another section of the panoramic view.

Anyway, the 7 minutes ride ended pretty quick. It takes about 3 minutes to ascend to the top and another 3 minutes to descend.

menara taming sari exit

Throughout the whole ride, a pre-recorded narration is played but I think the view is more fascinating than listening to it.

Personally, I felt that the day view is just OK, nothing much spectacular and breathtaking. Perhaps the night view would have be better. So I’ll opt for the night ride next time, since it operates until 10pm (according to the brochure).

Before I end this virtual tour of Menara Taming Sari, the German dude has a message to all Malaysians…

menara taming sari peace

Peace out!

Menara Taming Sari
Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, Melaka
Business Hours: Daily 1000-2200
GPS Coordinates: 2.1908, 102.2472

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  1. I think night view would be better, right?

  2. Awesome! That Germany dude sure looks handsome XD Can I have his number? =P

  3. Nice view ar… gonna have a ride on coming trip..

  4. I wanna visit Malacca again! A&W at Dataran!

  5. Gosh the view, its like theres nothing to see. Haha.

  6. I dare not went up the other time I was there with my colleagues.. height coward! :)

  7. That Germany dude make me sick?? May I throw up to him?? ha ha ha.. Well,bring me along on your trip dude.. :-p.. Ha ha ha.. I’m sure that night view will be more awesome!! yeahhh..

  8. wohoo. U went there. I think a lot of ppl don’t know the existence of it yet.

  9. Woah 20 bucks?! I don’t think I’d pay for that. It’s like Malacca has a Hollywood view or something.

  10. Nice shots. Btw I saw you the other day in the Jobstreet forget-what-the-name exhibition @Mid Valley LOL

  11. I heard the night view is RWARSOME! :D

  12. I am so afraid of heights my heart rate increased even these is just pictures :(

  13. Oh Taming Sari. the name of the Keris… didn’t know there’s such a menara in Melaka :P Nice pictures from the top!! Very clear skyline… lucky for you it wasn’t hazy or you won’t be able to see anything dy.. :)

  14. I saw this when walking from Dataran Pahlawan to A’Farmosa Fortress and all I thought was a tower alike KL Tower. Never expecting that it has a rotating observation platform. :P

  15. Looks fun! :D how nice if it’s longer, 7 mins would feel nothing, no?

  16. Peace out!!!

    That’s nice standing up high looking down to the whole city! :)

  17. nice to see you had fun bro! didn’t know got this thing in malacca. XD

  18. Hi handsome Germ-man haha. Great view from the top.

  19. I’ve never went up this tower ride before. But it’s a good way to enjoy the view of Melaka : )

  20. hahha.. should take a panoramic view.. so sad i dun have a nice camera cannot take it…. hahahah…

    btw.. i really like ur blog so much

  21. saw many times…but never drop by…LOL

  22. I wanted to take a ride on this thing the last time I was there but there was jam packed with people!

  23. love the pictures ! :D

  24. German dude! >_<

    I've not been up to the Taming Sari.. u beat me to it!

  25. Never know of this place and surprisingly, the queue is so long. A bungee jump will be a good idea :D

  26. I went here 3 years ago and the place wasn’t as busy as shown in the photo. I’ve always thought that houses resembled malboro packages! :)

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