My Happiest Moment

My Happiest Moment

If I could rewind time, let me relive the moment when I was in Europe about 2 years ago. It was my first time traveling such a distance. It was also winter season, and my, being there was my happiest moment.

This moment doesn’t just last for a split second, in fact – it was a duration of 50 (seem long, but actually very short) days.

happy with snow

[My Happiest Moment Photo!]

This photo basically summarizes every bits of my indescribable happiness – being in a foreign place, so many things see and discover, had nothing to worry about, simply carefree and yes, it was snowing! :D

So these are snapshots of the whole moment…


Setting foot on British soil at London’s Heathrow Airport…

heathrow terminal

…was the beginning of the journey of my happiest moment.

Boarded the East Cost train to Leeds, the place where I spent the most of my time at…

east cost train ticket

…was the most comforting and homely place.

Visiting Harewood House, a country house located right out of Leeds…

harewood house scenery

…was a place with the most breathtaking view I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Crossing over the English Channel with Eurostar to Paris, the city of love and romance…

eurostar train ticket

…was the most exciting train ride, ever.

Seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris, one of the world’s most recognizable monuments…

paris eiffel tower

…was no longer a wishful dream.

Staying a week in London, the capital city of England…

big ben london

…was another interesting and fascinating journey.

Flying with Ryanair over the Irish Sea to Dublin, the capital of Ireland…

ryanair plane

…was another flight, short yet exhilarating.

Exploring Dublin, the home of Guinness

ireland shirt

…was an adventurous puzzle piece.

Dropping by Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester United’s glorious Theatre of Dreams…

manchester united old trafford

…was another strike-off on my must-visit list.

Getting to touch and feel snow for the first time in my entire life…

hand marks on snow

…was a priceless chilling sensation.

Ending my long vacation and flying back to Malaysia…

dubai airport gate

…was actually a mixed emotion, but after all – it was a wonderful feeling to be back home.


Well, looking at the photos surely gives me a vivid feeling of this whole trip. Even though memories may fade, all those bits and pieces of adventures will always remain as a collection of happy memories – preserved by photos.

happy photography

Honestly, being there half-way across the globe was definitely an enjoyable and memorable experience.

I wish it could happen all over again. But all I could do now is to look back, and smile that it was… My Happiest Moment. :)

P/S: This is a contest entry for Olympus Happy Photography.

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