Why Men Like Boobs

Why Men Like Boobs

Warning: This entry is boobilicious. May not be suitable to be viewed at workplace or when your girlfriend is around. Be warned.

In-conjunction with October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, kenwooi.com is taking part in promoting the awareness of loving boobies. This entry has good intentions.

So… if a straight man tells you that he’s not attracted to boobs, he’s a damn liar!

white shirt boobs

Guys, please enlighten me – how could you resist from adoring such natural wonder? It’s the 8th Natural Wonder of the World, you know?

And ladies, you may or may not know about this – whenever a guy walks pass a well-endowed lady, it’s very likely for him to take at least a short glance. And if it’s an attractive cleavage, the short glance will be a split second longer – or into multiple glances.

True story.

small boobs

Some are big, some just perfect and some are small – the thing is, they come in different sizes. No matter what, men still like ’em.

Now, it makes me think – why do men like boobs so much? What is the mechanism behind this attraction? There must be scientific reasons.

white bra cleavage

An explanation is clearly required for this unique phenomenon because after all, boobs are just normal fats!

But wait, it’s not just men! Ladies are actually attracted to boobs as well, and it’s perfectly normal. Now some of you ladies might say, “Ken, I have boobs and I don’t go crazy over every pair of boobs I see.”

mariah carey cleavage

Well duh… that’s because you already have a pair! You can have “hands on” experience every time you shower, while you sleep and while you get dressed, or anywhere anytime. It’s already there!

For the men, looking at boobs is like looking at the sun, they don’t stare – it’s too risky. Men get a sense of it and then look away. In fact, men don’t harm the sun by looking at it, it’s the sun that harm men instead!

So ladies, you must be also wondering why right? Hence, without further ado, let the pro tell you 4 reasons why men are so fascinated by your lovely natural cushions…


1) Men like soft comfy stuff. Give them a soft cozy sofa, pillow or bed, they’ll love it to tits bits – especially when it comes in a pair.

hugging pillow

They are soft, smooth and fun to play with – they make great cushions, and they feel real nice when you get to squeeze ’em, and… uhm… yeah…

2) Men like things that are round, for example – men likes football, basketball, golf – mainly sports that use a round object to play with.

mini football

Or semi-sphere, to be exact.

3) Men love to fiddle with buttons. Give them any game controller, they will play non-stop with their fingers pushing, poking, pressing and flicking the buttons.

playstation game controller

Oh yeah, baby, game on! We just love the games!

4) Boobs are there, and guys don’t have them.

man no boobs

Obviously I don’t have them.


Well, it’s not to say that guys want boobs on themselves, but weirdly, they have this uncontrollable urge to fondle it.

However, for most scenarios, it’s not morally permitted to grab to total stranger’s boobs. You’ll get bitch-slapped.

breast check

Now ladies, you might think that men are damn perverts. But wait a minute, aren’t you ladies the ones who are showing off first?

It’s known as the freedom of cleavage expression. If you didn’t realize, some ladies just love flaunting their booby cleavage, or simply wear tight fitting cloths to reveal their curves.

elly tran ha sexy

Generally there’s always an explanation for such exposure. It’s either the ladies are being confident, flirty or just to capture the attention of innocent dudes – for example, yours truly.

Anyway, I feel that I’m so much healthier just by writing this entry. Did you know that boobs are good for men? Ogling at boobs gives men a longer weenie longevity!

So gentlemen, let kenwooi.com do you a favour this time. Let’s take your time off from being gentle (and also your busy schedule) to appreciate the beauty of boobs…

jenna pietersen sexy

So sensual.

julie marie sexy

So adorable.

gemma atkinson sexy

So sexy.

japanese boobs

So Japanese.

sexy pose

So seductive.

Do you feel healthier now? I’m sure you do. ;)

Oh hey, I know you wish you could just lift your arms, reach out your hands and tenderly fondle those masterpieces on the screen. But no, don’t do that on kenwooi.com okay? My blog isn’t in 3D, yet.

alyssa milano beautiful cleavage

But you know what, if there were a National Boobs Day, I would proudly march along to the Mountains of Happy Valley! It’d definitely be a wonderful view there!

So guys, you shouldn’t be afraid of expressing your feeling towards boobs. They are amazing, lovely and simply beautiful.

And as much as we try, boobs are hard to resist.

men love boobs 1

They send men spinning, pulling us in close and throwing us away. But we keep coming back for more.

men love boobs 2

To be honest, there’s just no way to stop men from liking boobs. It’s just against the law of nature to forbid men from adoring those beauties.

men love boobs 3

I admit guilt to over-expressing my admiration for boobs. By all means, arrest me! But I won’t deny that all men love teteks!

All hail boobies!


On a side note: All proceeds from this entry will go to the Kenwooi Boobies Foundation for further research of an antidote to cure men from the B02B5 disease, which is an illness of attraction to boobs.

Our current test subject is this cat…

angie varona cat

Tabby is diagnosed with B02B5 and he’s our guinea cat. No animal is harmed during the process of experiments. If you know anyone with B02B5 disease, please report them to Kenwooi Boobies Foundation.

Once again – All hail boobies!

43 thoughts on “Why Men Like Boobs

  1. Boobly cool man..

    There is a town called Eija in Yunnan, China during the “Hungry Ghost Month” would celebrate a festival called Monai Jie (Breast-Touching Festival) where the men of the town are allowed to touch the breasts of single ladies! How true? Bananaz’s Beleaf It Or Not…click HERE

  2. Oh my, I had a GREAT laugh!
    Indeed, I love boobs as much as the next straight guy, but I’m more of an assman. But then again, I suppose the same explanation goes there too.

    The female body, a work of art.

  3. This definitely qualifies as a NSFW post! I think the part about us loving soft things are true, I never like to squeeze my own boobs. Maybe at most, just feel if it is hard or not.

  4. Eh but I prefer legs wor. Seriously. Haha!

    You know what they say – ass or boobs.

    The face and eyes are the most important to be though.

    …but sexually, I prefer legs.

  5. HAHA! funny yet entertaining kind of info about women breasts. anyway after reading your blog I am feeling so damn healthy as required & as u ve mentioned earlier man. :D

    by the way that is one lucky cat over there. xD

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