You Think You Are Famous?

You Think You Are Famous?

A general understanding of being “famous” is obviously about being known by many people. It’s one of the most used word.

are you famous

However, in my humble opinion, this highly valued word “famous” is wastefully directed to anybody nowadays. It has been unnecessarily, yet frequently, used as an unrealistic motivational boost…

famous kid painter

Sometimes, a sense of sarcasm…

famous computer geek

Or due to poor understanding of the proper definition and its rightful usage…

famous kenwooi

From a personal experience, the word is being directed to me several times. “Famous blogger”, I was addressed as. Yes, it’s flattering – but being true to myself, I would never acknowledge such statement. In fact, I like to put it as “not-so-famous“. :)

Well, being famous is not an option for yourself, it’s actually the option made by others. When it comes to being recognized (the baseline of being famous), I always think that one could only do so much to reach a certain height – the rest of the journey depends on the audience.

Anyway, if a dude like me is privileged to be referred as “famous”, what about Mr. President of America? He’s also famous right?

barack obama serious

If the word “famous” serves the same definition, how could it be possible that I’m comparably as well-known as Barack Obama? I certainly can’t live up to the scale of how “famous” Barack Obama is.

And that’s why, it’s important to identify the levels of being famous. Hence, the “Levels of Fame” comes into the picture.

So ladies and gentlemen, you think you are famous in any way? Read on to find out…


Level 1: Not Famous – Chances of being assassinated: 2%

This level has the most population. It consists of ordinary people like me, you, they and them. Being at the most bottom of the level means we’re generally unknown. Strangers wouldn’t give two hoots about us.

malaysian shopping

You can walk around shopping malls, eat out, buy stuff, watch movies, work your ass off for 10 hours daily, and nobody would even recognize you – except for personal “not famous” friends lah.

You can go clubbing, get all drunk, get wasted and puke on a hot chick, but people will only say “LOL! What a loser!”, that’s it.

Also, you may have won a mini beauty pageant, got the most votes on a Facebook contest and have a so-called fan base. Then you think you’re “quite famous” already?

miss malaysia chinese pageant

Well, think again. Being known by a hundred people doesn’t make you any famous than the peeps on the next levels.


Level 2: Quite Famous – Chances of being assassinated: 10%

People in this level are usually those being talked about over the local media industry. For instance, radio deejays, models and local musicians – occasionally you see them being featured here and there.

malaysian celebrities

Being “quite famous” practically applies to local celebrities who are only known within the country and not exactly known worldwide. In a group, they’re all glamourous – but fans won’t scream and faint on sight.

They also appear at social events and pose in front of the sponsor wall by acting like a bunch of cool peeps, and you know what – nobody bothers much except for media reporters.

malaysian celebrities pose

By the way, bloggers like Xia Xue, Red Mummy and Kenny Sia can be included in this level as well.

Oh wait – expecting to see “Ken Wooi” too? No no, my face not thick enough lah. Let’s continue…


Level 3: Famous – Chances of being assassinated: 30%

Malaysian PM Najib Razak (Dato’ Sri, are you reading this? I adore you!), Lee Chong Wei, Tony Fernandes, Michelle Yeoh and Siti Nurhaliza are typical famous Malaysians known world-wide.

lee chong wei

People in this “famous” category are usually known for their talent, skills, speciality or status.

If you wanna earn this level, just swing a racket well or give cheap flights, and then you’re on the way to being famous – and possibly earn a meaningless wonderful “Datukship” title too! But not all Datuks are famous okay?

Yes, even Rebecca Black is considered famous, thanks to her viral Friday video on Youtube.

rebecca black smile

Her famous music reminds everyone of the most awesome day of every week – Famous Friday!


Level 4: Super Famous – Chances of being assassinated: 45%

Pamela Anderson, Jackie Chan, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise are examples of famous superstars. They are commonly international celebrities who earn big money, own expensive cars, stay in massive mansion, walk on big red carpets and get an outrageous marriage divorce whenever they like.

pamela anderson pose

Oh yeah, sweet big boobs too – super famous female celebrities own ’em.

No matter what they do, their life stories will eventually end up on Entertainment channels and gossip websites. Celebrities walking on the streets also worth reporting huh?

Paparazzi, they make a living by stalking.

Other super famous examples are fictional characters like Harry Potter, Edward Cullen and Mickey Mouse. The ladies, especially, wouldn’t mind getting an imaginary marriage to those nonexistent characters. Too magical and glittery.

david beckham handsome

Bet some girls must have drooled over David Beckham’s photo.

Anyway, even sportsmen like John Terry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods are super famous as well. They cheat on their wife and then disappear to Hawaii or Maldives, party around all night long, enjoy a sponsored life – and all they do is just train and play with balls.


Level 5: Sibeh (Very) Famous – Chances of being assassinated: 50%

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are the best examples. They probably have hired like hundreds of personal bodyguards just to follow them wherever they go. Millions of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter proves that they’re sibeh famous!

justin bieber middle finger

“Fcuk yeah!”, says the rich and famous Bastard Bieber.

Being a young singing talent or a weirdo with weird outfits have definitely promoted these 2 ordinary people to the pinnacle of the famous world.

lady gaga red dress

No matter what they do, the media call it a trend. You try wearing like Lady Gaga, your friends think you’re insane.


So based on this fame hierarchy, I’m definitely categorized under “Not Famous” level. What about you… which level are you at?

Alright, before we end, let’s have a quiz to confirm that you’ve learned something useful from this extensive explanation about being famous…

Question: The photo below consists of 4 ladies, which of these ladies is…

a) Not Famous?
b) Quite Famous?
c) Famous?
d) Super Famous?

big boobs chick

Well, whatever your answer is…

One of these ladies is clearly “Super Famous”. Kthxbai.

45 thoughts on “You Think You Are Famous?

  1. hahaha..funny ok!

    if u are not famous..i’m the one in sibeh not famous category la..hahaha..

    the last pic, i think girl with the big b**bs is super famous it? ;p

  2. Ken Wooi!! I didnt know you are so famous!! LOL!!

    I know you might be wondering who the F i am.. hint… anaconda..

    Have a great day mate!

  3. me femes k? no need big tetek also can femes k? i’m so femes, that ppl no longer gives a damn who am I and can’t remember who am I already coz too common…hahaha =P

  4. *You try wearing like Lady Gaga, your friends think you’re insane.* you are so right! Haha.. much worse, you’ll be called clown *sigh*

    oh and that Bieber pic, he should be banned!!

  5. Sigh.. I am in level negative 5. Super duper NOT FAMOUS. Hehe. Chances of getting assassinated is practically negative as well. Now I can eat Rojak at the dark alley of Chow Kit and nobody gives 2 hoots. LOL

  6. Haha! Very funny article man. Yeah, totally agree a lot of people think they’re very famous…but they’re actually not. I’ll put local media celebrities under that list too coz they usually get recognized in urban centers of Malaysia only. :)

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