The Best Discount Store Ever

The Best Discount Store Ever

It’s a dream come true for anyone, especially the ladies, when there’s a Mega Sales or Giga Sales (or even Tera Sales) – where the prices are slashed with big discounts.

50% discount

Why pay so much when you can get discounted prices right? Furthermore, 50% is already a good deal.

But wait till you come across this store in Kuching – it’s called the… 100% Discount Store!

100% discount store

Wah, 100% discount weh! Everything must be free then!

So I entered and looked for the most attractive thing to get. Found this…

pink woman perfume

Nice perfume with a sexy chick lifting up her skirt half way on the packaging box. Must get it for Barbie since it’s 100% discount aka FOC!

But when I take a closer look…

pink woman perfume price

What the…? RM4.80% ??

Is that a new currency or what? This is confusing and it’s actually not 100% discount after all. Such a misleading store name. Hmph!

19 thoughts on “The Best Discount Store Ever

  1. LOL! Very misleading. They really know how to use the power of curiosity to get ppl to at least enter their shop first. Buy or not belakang kira. :-D

  2. Kuching ppl here. That kind of shop have been around in Kuching(I not sure other part of Sarawak) for about 10 yrs already. It’s kinda like Mydin which sell cheap stuff. Other examples here follows: RM6.88 shop, RM2.00 shop.. RM0.00% currency only in Kuching :-)

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