Shark Fin Soup at Menara Telekom?

Shark Fin Soup at Menara Telekom?

As we Malaysians know, the Menara Telekom (or Menara TM) is the headquarters of Telekom Malaysia.

It’s one of the famous telecommunication companies in our country.

menara telekom kl

As stated on Wikipedia, the tower is designed to represent a sprouting “bamboo shoot”.

I don’t see the similarity though.

Anyway, my uncle from Australia visited KL one day. I drove him around and while we were heading out for dinner, he pointed at the Menara Telekom and asked…

menara telekom gardens

Is that the place to eat shark fin soup in KL?

Uhh… shark fin soup? What the fish?!

But then I realized…

menara telekom bangsar

Apparently from a certain angle, the tower actually resembles the first dorsal fin of a humongous shark! *cue Jaw’s theme*

26 thoughts on “Shark Fin Soup at Menara Telekom?

  1. haha, LOL… yea it kind looks like a bamboo shoot. really pointy and curved. Its quite nice to eat too when cooked properly.

  2. Phew. I really thought I was about to see photos of you slurping at a big bowl of shark fin. You know how I’ve always been against massacre of sharks just for their fins. Say no to shark fin soup! :-D

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