Nuffnang Hidden Gem For The Win!

Alright, I’m gonna go straight to the point…


I (or to be exact) am a FINALIST for the Hidden Gem category for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

nuffnang blog awards

*pops champagne!*

Oh wait, pops champagne? Not yet win also. :/

Anyway, YES!!! is in the running to become Asia-Pacific’s next Best Hidden Gem blog! Wooah! *jumps on bed, sofa and into the air*

And amongst the other Hidden Gem finalists, is the only representative for Malaysia and it’ll compete for the award title with other Hidden Gems from 5 other countries involved in the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!

nuffnang hidden gem award

Woahhhhh!!! Can you believe it or not?! O.O

So you can vote for to win the Best Hidden Gem award!

As much as I rarely to talk about my blog, I believe it would be a customary duty to tell the world oh wait, the world doesn’t know about me right? I guess that’s why is addressed as a “Hidden Gem” blog. *shy*

kenwooi shy

So yeah, my dear readers, here are some reasons (out of zillion, jillion and gadzillion reasons!) why you should vote for me and also why should win the Best Hidden Gem title…


To start with, gives you the motivational laughter…

masturbation motivational poster

A blog that provides truthful statistics about our daily life…

fire alarm reaction chart

It shares the best insights to the latest happenings in Malaysia such as the upcoming Warisan Merdeka Tower

malaysia towers comparison

The blog that presents the previews of upcoming epic Malaysian movies…

captain malaysia poster

An unusual blog that offers an out of the ordinary stories of a noob blogger…

twitpic shit

Moving on, as awesome as could be, the blogger behind it deserves a mention as well.

He’s the blogger who has a part-time job as Iron Man…

iron man head

A dude that owns the cute pink Hello Kitty KTM train

hello kitty pink train

The ordinary guy whose hobby is riding the bike like Mat Rempit

mat rempit pose

A camera owner that has skillful camwhore technique which will soon be a trend in the whole wide world…

camwhore fail

The Malaysian grown boy that many address as “Banana” for being a Chinese without good Chinese language command…

banana chinese

He’s simply a boobs-loving guy…

men love boobs

Okay, maybe not the last one coz I bet girls will scream and run for their life on sight once they see me approaching. Crap!


So yeah, that’s every reason why you would give a *High 5* and vote for my blog as the Best Hidden Gem Blog in Asia-Pacific, if not the whole world.


vote me

No? You’re just gonna leave without voting?

I guess I have to use my skillful persuasive technique to get votes from you then. Yes – you, you and you!

Here goes…


begging please

Uhh… that seemed a little despo, but still…

Click here now to vote for! It’s the only blog representing Malaysia in the Hidden Gem category!

Thank you in advance! :D

I seldom say this – it has been really an honor to have all the support given to My blog wouldn’t have achieved this without that. I can never thank you all enough!!! :)

53 Comments for Nuffnang Hidden Gem For The Win!

  1. congrats!! u r deserving of it..haha

  2. Congrats! Will definitely be voting for u :)

  3. You made it! *beams* =D
    Good luck!

  4. Congratz congratz! I nominated you for 2 categories; best entertainment blog and another one I forgot :P..

    Hope that you win.

  5. will vote for you once it’s opened! hope you can win the award! :) good luck

  6. Hmmmm….why i go that site it said “Cast Your Vote (Coming Soon)”. 16th december baru can do ka?

  7. Congrats congrats! We are all with you Ken! Malaysia BOLEH!

  8. woots, well deserved!!!

  9. Good to know that you are one of the finalist =)

  10. wew hidden gem!!!! ok ok gimme the link lol

  11. 1 vote from me…you trully deserve it.

  12. wow! congratssssss….

  13. You are sure a very funny your posts. will definitely vote for u.keep up the good work especially those crazy poses pictures.

  14. Congrats! You’re on the way, Ken! True, ur blog is a real gem! Love it! Keep up the good work. Sure will vote for you… I think voting starts today – 15th. Good luck, all the best!

  15. P.S. Still “coming soon”!!! Isn’t it the 15th today? Tsk! Tsk! That’s Malaysian efficiency for you…

  16. SURELY will vote for you… Representing Malaysia wor.. like Lee Chong Wei .. so when? when??

  17. can vote it again and again?? if yeah,then will definitely vote you.. :-p.. ha ha ha.. oh,I should post this in my blog then.. :-p

  18. sure win one bro!

    now i jelly cos u is got nominated.

    congrats bro! hope to see you at the awards!!

  19. my vote goes to u ken!

  20. Good Luck! ~
    sure win punye :)

  21. AWESOME!! Going to vote now~~

    heyyyy!!! Where’s the tribute to ME, the one who nominated you???? hah?? hah?? hahahhaah~

    All the Best Kenwooi!

  22. Vote for u~ Lalalalala!! Congratulations ya!! ^u^

  23. Congratz!!
    CONFIRM Will vote for you !! ;)

  24. congrats, u deserve it! Definitely will vote for u :)

  25. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Gonna vote for you XD

  26. Nice one.. Congrat for being nominated!

    still coming soon =)

  28. Congrats bro, my vote surely for you…teh tarikkk wehhh..hahah..gud luck

  29. congrats Ken! will vote for u!!!

  30. Congrats Ken. You deserve it. As somebody who has been following you blog for quite some time now, you’ll surely get my vote.

  31. Congrats Ken!! Will vote for you once it is open.

  32. COngrats to u!!! Will definitely vote for you!! :D:D

  33. Will vote for you =) you will win^^

  34. You very famous lorrrr…The Captain Malaysia picture was being circulated over facebook the other day. My friends all shared it. LOL

  35. Congratulations!!!! Will surely vote for you ^^

  36. Hey, congrats for being nominated!
    As a loyal reader, of course I’m voting for you.
    All the best! :D

  37. Hope you win.

    Btw, nuffnang no nomination for best finance blog? Sigh.

  38. you’re just awesome bro.. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

  39. congratulations. i know that one day you will reach this stage. although i don’t really read that much of your blog. :D

  40. ok.. you won my vote :)

    congrats and good luck!

  41. Congratz for being selected. Done with my vote have dropped a peel at NAPBAS 2011. Good luck!

  42. waa…all the best!!

  43. congrats!

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  44. Your hilarious! :)) That’s why I voted for you AND followed your blog… I hope you’ll win :)

  45. I’m done and voted 2x… hahaha you really deserve to win ^^

  46. congrats to u hehehe i already voted u.. :P

  47. vote jor vote jor~~!!!

  48. Voted for you! Personally, I feel you’re the best candidate by far :) All the best and keep up your humor :P

  49. Congrats! You got my vote. :)

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