Of Skill, Fame and Blogging

Of Skill, Fame and Blogging

The term “blogging” is a household name these days. In fact, anyone can own a blog. But what differentiates a blog from others is none other than its content.

blogging content

Content varies across various blogs. Some may require skill, and some may not – it entirely depends on the way a blogger produces the articles.

And also together in the picture, is fame. To some, the intent of being recognized via blogging is inevitable. By writing on the Internet, one certainly has the opportunity to be acknowledged no matter the content.

So usually, people think that the more blogging skill a blogger possess, the better the fame. Right?

blogging skill vs fame

However, that’s not the accurate quotation for blogging. In fact, blogging skillfully doesn’t necessarily translate into fame. Do you agree? No?

Hence today, we’re looking at two main components of blogging – Skill and Fame. Now, let me explain (with demonstration of some blogging styles) on why skill doesn’t equal to fame…


Intellectual Blogging

As the term suggests, a person who blogs intellectually requires high skill. Excellent vocabulary and grammar, critical-thinking messages, and superb composition structure are some features possessed by an intellectual blogger.

Know what, their blog post could be so wordy and lengthy, it’s as though they’re writing a chapter of a book.

But the down side is, it could be too comprehensive to grasp and be understood by the average audience. Probably to many, it may be quite boring to be read.

intellectual blogging

The blogger may be a biochemical scientist or rocket engineer who writes about their profession and passion. They’re sophisticated people with outstanding skill in writing – but somehow it’s not easy for them to get recognized out of blogging.

Unless the intellectual blogger is a famous personality, he/she will only have a small audience group – normally close peers.


Niche Blogging

Niche blogging is common. Anyone could start a blog and publish specific topics that already exist. Some examples are technology, gadgets, photography, movies, food, blogging tips and so on.

Good skill is required if the blogger actually produces genuine content, where they may have to review stuff and participate in related events, meetings and conferences.

niche blogging

For niche bloggers, the chances of gaining fame is higher than intellectual bloggers – that’s if they’re original and consistent.


Humour Blogging

As for humour blogging, coming up with a amusing article requires skill to a certain extent. The slight advantage is that humour bloggers can gain better fame depending on their blogging creativity.

The better the humour, the better the fame. It’s possible for the increment to be directly proportional.

humour blogging

Nowadays, a general audience prefer to read/see/watch something out of the ordinary. Thus, fun and light-hearted articles could be the choice.


Lifestyle Blogging

As compared to the rest, lifestyle bloggers (those who blog events, parties, gatherings – basically about enjoying life to the max) don’t need extensive blogging skills. All they have to do is to attend events, mingle around, take photos and then blog a coverage about it.

Some effort is definitely needed for lifestyle bloggers – being outgoing and sociable are the key ingredients.

lifestyle blogging

As a result, lifestyle bloggers gain fame easier. The more events they attend, the more people they know and ultimately, the more acknowledged they get. Everyone seem to know them!


Camwhore Blogging

The term is self-explanatory. It’s specifically for bloggers who consistently publish photos of themselves – particularly the ladies.

Guys, if you fall into this category, you may continue to do so if you look like a Korean artist. Otherwise, please lah…

Anyway, snapping photo of yourself (aka camwhore) and blogging about it are easy skills. The blogger basically needs to know the several camera angles and then snap. After that, repeat step with different facial expression. That’s it – done!

camwhore blogging

P/S: Sorry lady, had to use your photo because I couldn’t come up with a better representation for “camwhore”. I have no boobs, unfortunately.

Contrary, such minimal skill (and the respective bloggers) actually garner more fame than anyone else. Throw in some booby cleavage (which is another easy skill) and it’ll gain more attention! Perfecto!


So yeah, that wraps up the relationship between skill and fame when it comes to blogging. Here is the summary graph…

blogging skill fame

By the way, you must have heard of the legendary Albert Einstein right? Do you know that he actually predicted the rise of “virtual writing” in the future (now blogging) and created a historic equation about it?

Well, it’s actually documented on the image below. Try spotting “B = Skill x Fame” on the blackboard…

einstein blogging

Wow, so amazing! No wonder Einstein was such a genius!

But wait, if he actually relied on a blog to share his knowledge in the past, would he be as famous as he is today?

einstein bloggin quote

Doubt so.

He would then only be remembered as the noob blogger who blogged about numbers and symbols. So uninteresting lah!

23 thoughts on “Of Skill, Fame and Blogging

  1. So you’re saying that intellectual bloggers will not get much fame…compared to the whores…oops, I mean camwhores? That certainly says a lot about the mentality of the blog readers then? Is that what you’re saying?

  2. haha i can relate…when i wroe about long contents,, ppl dun bother nuts to read it…easiest to get fame, post collections of sexy images and contents…can just copy and paste from other sites..example… Hot Malaysian Girl Vol. 1…(puts all random malaysian chicks photos grabbed from facebook)

  3. “you may continue to do so if you look like a Korean artist. Otherwise, please lah…”

    ahahahah agreed!! lols.

    ” I have no boobs, unfortunately.”
    you want one? I have a way~ hehe

  4. my first response was that your definitely a humour blogger, but after i finished reading the post, i hv to say camwhoring comes pretty close! haha ;)

  5. Oh dear.. intellectual bloggers have to put so much effort yet their fame is still not as much as those who just take photos of themselves.. This is really the case of A picture speaks a Thousand Words hor :P

  6. I think intellectual bloggers are not looking for fame but instead (money or business) by sharing their message to those who requires insights of the topics he specializes. When people like his post, they may hire him. Money rolling in.

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