My Personal Aspirations for 2011: Review

My Personal Aspirations for 2011: Review

At the beginning of the year, I decided to pen down the things I aspire to achieve in the year 2011. Little did I know, the year is about to end.

aspiration sign

I’m not sure about you, but I feel that 2011 has gone by too fast. There aren’t much interesting events throughout the year – but I guess I’ve been occupied with work.

So for 2011, I aspired to…

1) Exercise frequently and keep my body in shape.
2) Continue my passion in playing music.
3) Get an iPhone.
4) Upgrade my DSLR.
5) Buy my first property.
6) Travel to at least 2 places in Malaysia and 1 other country.
7) Keep blogging actively.

Full elaboration and naive words here: My Personal Aspirations for 2011

The time is up and here’s the verdict…


1) I exercised (swam) frequently earlier this year – lost quite a number of kg’s. Food intake reduced drastically and lost more kg’s.

Total kg’s lost = 10kg.

lose jeans

This jeans used to be damn tight, just so you know. I don’t even wear it anymore. Now it’s waiting for me to be fat again.

As for an in-shape body? Well, I look slimmer than ever but I surely don’t have the nice abs I wished for.


2) I only played my instrument once during an audition with KLPAC in March. Left quite a good impression, but they didn’t call back.

yamaha soprano saxophone

As a result, my Soprano Saxophone has been untouched all the time. I’ve stopped doing blow jobs for so long already. Pfftt!

saxophone quartet score

My dream of having a Saxophone Quartet won’t seem to materialize.


3) I didn’t buy an iPhone.

fake iphone 4

Not even any smartphone. Wrote 10 reasons why I don’t need an smartphone to solidify my disinterest.

But still, WHEN will I get a smartphone? I also don’t know lah. :/


4) I’m still with my Canon 1000D. Almost bought a 60D but didn’t. Instead, decided to purchase an external flash – Nissin Di622 Mark II.

nissin di622 mark 2

Pictures, especially in low-lighting setting, have been better.


5) A property. This is probably the most unrealistic aspiration. Scouted for some, but never found the right one. Some even joked that Ken should get a Ken Damansara.

ken damansara 3

But the same property I was eying from the beginning increased up to 100K just within a year. That is MADNESS!


6) I mentioned “travel” to 2 places in Malaysia – perhaps Sarawak and Sabah.

domestic international departures

I’ve only been to Kuching, Sarawak for a business trip. But it’s not considered as a traveling trip right?

I didn’t even step out of Malaysia – didn’t manage to plan any holidays, probably due to my job change in the middle of the year. Stuck in probation period most of the time.


7) Well, the only aspiration which I think I’ve successfully achieved is none other than to… keep blogging actively.

What more to conclude a blogging achievement of the year than to be shortlisted as a Hidden Gem blog for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011.

kenwooi blog

Honestly, it has been fun updating this blog. It’s funny how I was told that working in KL/PJ will affect my blogging activity. Surprisingly it didn’t – my blog still very much alive & kickin’!

Hee-yah!!! *jumping kick into the air!*


So yeah, that’s the review of my personal aspirations for 2011. I actually failed 5.5 out of the 7.

Nevertheless, 2011 has been nice to me – but I’ve decided not to pen down any personal aspirations for 2012. Not going to “carry forward” those un-achieved ones either.

lonely road

Yes, I have personal targets in 2012 but I guess it’s best to be determined and let things take their own course.

What about you? Have you fulfilled your aspirations/resolutions? :)

22 thoughts on “My Personal Aspirations for 2011: Review

  1. i see… didn’t know that you played saxophone. :) Great to know some of your aspiration have been reached. As for me, a goal to apply my professional license is my primary aim. :)


  2. you used to give blowjobs? In front of an adoring crowd at KLPac? wow. just this alone nets you a lot of points. Happy New Year and may you continue giving blowjobs and blogging #likeaboss.

  3. honestly? no. hahha. But I did lose quite a lot of weight this year. hoping I’ll lose more. And other than that, things are slowly getting into place – well, maybe too slow. damn.

  4. Lol. You confused me. so are you owning iPhone now?? haha. Coz previously I read your tweets that you bought an iphone, but here you said you dint get iphone. ahaha. Happy New Year btw! all the best! Blog more funny post!

  5. I think I fulfill few of my 2011 resolutions as well ~.~ but ehh I didn’t know you have passion in music! and 10 kg lost? I need to lose that much of weight tooooo T_T

  6. Yes..yes…come to Sarawak, come to Sibu. Warmly welcomed…anytime. And don’t give up on your music… As Shaksepeare says, if music be the food of love, play on!

  7. wow, 10kgs!!! That’s quite a lot, I hope I can lost 10kgs too :(

    you don’t like one who know how to play musical instrument :P

    Happy New Year to you & family!

  8. At least u wrote them down.. I didnt write and I cannot remember what I want to do in 2011… maybe keep trim and healthy.. but seems to be getting on & off koffff… running nose… or heaty body..
    So… next year… I want to pledge… er.. being healthy once again.. Exercise! Drink more water! Take Vitamins!

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