Christmas Eve Set Dinner at Speakeasy Restaurant

Christmas Eve Set Dinner at Speakeasy Restaurant

Christmas is just by the corner, and what’s more to enjoy than to have a pleasant Christmas Eve’s dinner.

To be honest, I didn’t know about this restaurant… until NOW.

speakeasy kl

Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Speakeasy Restaurant & Bar has something to offer for this upcoming Christmas Eve Рsomething to satisfy your taste buds!

Within the restaurant, the ambiance is set. The mood is just right for the festive season.

speakeasy restaurant

The interior decoration is pretty simple, yet eye-catching. Most of the deco are self-crafted, it’s spacious and the atmosphere is unlike any other sophisticated bars around.

Speakeasy usually operates only during weekdays, but with its Christmas Eve Set Dinner, it’ll be open this Saturday.

christmas eve set dinner

Consisting of 4 dishes with wine pairing, the menu is exceptionally and creatively prepared.

Here they are…

roasted butternut shellfish broth

First up is the Roasted Butternut & Shellfish Broth. This exquisite soup is prepared with confit fennel and scallop chips. The highlight of this dish, the prawns, is nicely glazed with curry. Overall, it’s creamy and rich in aroma, especially when it has a slight touch of cognac in it.

Certainly a nice start to the dinner.

Next on the menu is another interesting dish…

deconstructed caesar salad

It’s the Deconstructed Caesar Salad. The name itself is self-explanatory – a typical salad served in 3 individual portions. It has a parboiled egg on home smoked salmon rillettes, baby romaine (lettuce) with saffron Caesar aioli, and garlic truffle butter mushroom crostini.

Another innovative dish – you could either have them separately, or just mash them up. Definitely a thumbs up!

On to the main course, the option is between the fish or the beef.

rosemary infused cod fish

If it’s the fish, the Rosemary Infused Cod Brandade will be yours. Served on a bed of Miso infused bean stew and topped with basil capsicums, this plate has an unique presentation.

As for the cod fish, it’s cooked to perfection. Simply tender – it’s wonderfully delicious.

hickory smoked tenderloin

And if it’s the beef, the Hickory Smoked Tenderloin will be served. It’s accompanied with portobello bread & butter pudding, vegetables and served with giblet port wine gravy. I didn’t get to try this though (coz I picked the cod fish), but it looks comparably indulging.

Finally, for a sweet ending – the dessert…

yuletide bread butter pudding

The Yuletide Bread & Butter Pudding. Prepared together with semolina, cranberries and topped with a nest of spun sugar, it’s another ingenious dish. Sweet and sour are two notable tastes, mixing them up creates a pleasant ending.

Oh yeah, each of the dishes served is paired with different wines.

wine bottles

You’ll have Tyrell’s Moore’s Creek Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Chardonnay 2009, Shiraz 2099 and Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port. I’ve never heard of them actually, but wine lovers – you know you’re in for a wine-ful treat.

So have a Christmas pleasure at RM140+ per person. Know what, it’d be a nice dinner to impress your date. ;)

wine glass

Merry Christmas in advance! Cheers, and stay tuned!

The Speakeasy Restaurant & Bar
9, Ming Annexe, Jalan Ampang,
Lebuh Ampang, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Set Dinner Hours: Christmas Eve 1900-2300
GPS Coordinates: 3.1502, 101.6981
Tel: 03-20788830

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  1. Wow, that’s way out of my one-meal budget. But I guess occasionally it’s fine, considering it’s fine dining. WTF am I talking about, I don’t even celebrate X’mas at all! lol

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