Christmas Presents Are For Girls

Christmas Presents Are For Girls

My department was having a Christmas celebration – and each of us were given an extra job scope – which was to be a Secret Santa, and to buy a secret present for the person we’re suppose to secretly give to.

Sounds easy right?

christmas snow ball

I went to hunt for a Christmas present. Looked left, looked right and looked everywhere – but I couldn’t fine a suitable one. A suitable one for a guy, to be exact.

So my problem is… I’m giving it to a dude, and I can’t help to wonder… why are the Christmas gifts mostly targeted for girls?

Let me give you some examples…

christmas cupcakes

This cupcake-like souvenir with candy poking out from it.

Suitable for a dude?


christmas lovely lace

Some Lovely Lace Christmas Special gift box – with pink ribbons.

Suitable for a dude?


christmas soft toys 1

Fluffy soft toys. Cute furry ones.

Suitable for a dude?


christmas soft toys 2

More fluffy soft toys. Adorable eyes with innocent look.

Suitable for a dude?


christmas soft toys 3

More and more fluffy soft toys – the graduation bear.

Suitable for a dude?

What is he suppose to do with it? Play bear bear?

christmas pink gift set

Pink gift set with teddy bears, cups and scented candles.

Suitable for a guy?

You think I wanna seduce him is it ah?

christmas lavender gift

Some lamp decoration perfectly packaged with lavender fragrance.

Suitable for a dude?

No – it’s so Twilight.

christmas photo mug

Photo frames and mugs. Loves and more bears.

Suitable for a dude?

His girlfriend/partner can get him that.

christmas soft toys bear

MOARRRR cuddly waddly fluffy soft toys. Gigantic ones!

Suitable for a dude?

Am I out of my mind?!


Alright, that’s enough of examples.

But I eventually gave up looking for a present from the typical gift stores, went straight to Starbucks and got this…

starbucks gift certificate

Yes, Starbucks Coffee gift certificate. WIN!

Definitely way, way better than getting some Christmas decoration or soft toys for him right? After all, he can at least enjoy a good cup of coffee.

So my department had our Christmas lunch recently. The buffet spread was great, and all the presents are set.

christmas present

A lady colleague of ours temporarily turned into a Santarina and gave out the presents.

Everyone got their presents from their own Secret Santa. In return, I got this…

body shop christmas gift

It’s from Body Shop, and the bag is filled with Joy. Simple and nice.

But it’ll be more joyful if Joy is a lady, if you know what I mean. :P

Anyway, I opened up the box and…

plastic flower

A plastic flower, my Secret Santa probably plucked it from some tree decoration in the shopping mall.

And then…

body shop mango shower gel 1

A shower gel. For this, I guess my Secret Santa must think I’m stinky. That’s why he/she got me this shower gel right?

But interestingly enough, it’s also called as Gel Douche in whatever language (German, French?) it is.

body shop mango shower gel 2

That’s quite offensive huh? Douche!

Anyway, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree. The shopping malls have humongous ones, restaurants have moderate ones and we have the smallest ones in our home.

christmas cookies

Since every one is getting one, I decided to get one too.

After months of preparation, dedication, hard work and persistence – finally, my Christmas tree is almost done…


christmas barbie tree deco

Yes, those are my Christmas tree’s main decoration! Heh!

A finishing touch at the top…

christmas barbie tree top

And jeng jeng jeng, my Barbie Christmas tree…

christmas barbie tree

Nice or not? I’m sure Barbie must be really, really proud of Ken. ;)

Anyway, most of you wouldn’t be reading this on time anyway. You’ll probably be shopping, count-downing and clubbing – typical Malaysian culture mah!

merry christmas deco

So yeah, have a wonderful and joyful time of the year – wishing you all a Merry Christmas! :)

32 thoughts on “Christmas Presents Are For Girls

  1. Ken loves the Barbie tree alot eh? Well, giving away a Starbucks coffee gift certificate and getting a bottle of shower gel in return sounds not bad :) Merry Christmas, Ken and enjoy blogging!

  2. it was actually hard for me to buy a Christmas gift for my boyfriend because all of the stuff I saw in dept stores are for girls lol…

    anyway, I saw you at the Nuff Blog awards!!! I was supposed to say hi but when I looked back I couldn’t find you anymore :P

  3. whoa, seriously, thats your christmas tree? It looks so department store like! I didnt know you collected so many barbies, even though you’re obviously Ken (stating the obvious)

  4. guess ur secret santa headache on what to get you as well that’s why give u shower gel la~ cox everyone need shower! and probably he/she think that you are summer type of guy, that’s why give you mango flavor.. haha..

  5. I was a Secret Santa for a guy at work too.. After hours looking for the perfect guy present, I brought him a toy car… I don’t know if he liked it, but the rest of the team loved it, and anyway… He has a little boy at home …so I hope my present did find a way to be…appreciated. Merry Christmas!

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