Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa and More Kuching Food

Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa and More Kuching Food

I was in Kuching for almost the whole of November – for work commitment. Since it was my first time there, I was told to try several Kuching food.

Ken, you must eat this.. then try that, nom those.. yummy yummy!

kuching cat statue

Even the cat statue in Kuching gives the “Thou shalt eat Kuching food!” impression, especially the stare and the hand paw gesture.

Eventually, typical Kuching food was always on the menu – some with colleagues, and for the rest – you gotta thank Sherrie from Cutebun for bringing me around exploring Kuching’s delicacies.

First up – the one that everyone has been mentioning – Kolo Mee!

kuching kolo mee 1

Kolo Mee #1 – The first ever Kolo Mee I tried. It tasted just okay, so I was wondering – was I at the wrong eatery, or does it generally taste ordinary?

I actually hoped it’s the former, and yes – it wasn’t the right place.

kuching kolo mee carpenter street

Kolo Mee #2 – Had this at a mini food court along Carpenter Street. With 3 types of pork meat, it tasted definitely better than the first one. No prize given for guessing why. ;)

kuching kolo mee 3rd mile

Kolo Mee #3 – Ahh, this has got to be the best kolo mee I’ve tried so far. It’s located at 3rd Mile, stall #8 at a food court (which I have no idea where exactly). The addition of red char siew sauce was delicious and the noodles were bouncy and tasty!

kuching kolo mee sin min joo

Kolo Mee #4 – This one was served with pork soup at Sin Min Joo, Bishopsgate Street. Since it’s so famous, we actually waited 1 and a half hours for this.

Stood for 30 minutes, customer leaves – great, seated – but shared with strangers. Waited another 30 minutes – nobody take order. Then finally, an aunty took our order. Again, waited another 30 minutes, and at last – the food arrived!

Oh well, service wasn’t that efficient and the dish tasted just okay to me. I’m not a fan of pork internal organs anyway.

kuching kolo mee 5

Kolo Mee #5 – This was the last kolo mee I had before returning to Peninsular. Can’t remember the name of the eatery, but my taste buds say it’s 2nd best to kolo mee #3.

Alright, enough with Kolo Mee. Now, the next craving in Kuching has got to be the Sarawak Laksa.

sarawak laksa 1

Sarawak Laksa #1 – I had this at the same eatery as Kolo Mee #1. My colleagues like to come here, I don’t know why. Small portion, but the combination of spices used for the soup is nice.

sarawak laksa mom's place

Sarawak Laksa #2 – Another Sarawak Laksa from Mom’s Laksa. Tastes fine – another of my colleagues’ favourite place.

sarawak laksa 3

Sarawak Laksa #3 – This one… not sure where I took this photo from. Just another Sarawak Laksa.

sarawak laksa golden arch cafe

Sarawak Laksa #4 – This one, on the other hand, I remember! It’s from Golden Arch Cafe. According to Sherrie, it’s Jun Fook‘s favourite place to have Sarawak Laksa.

And yeah, the reason is obvious. The prawns are so much bigger (I ordered large I think?) and the soup tastes distinctively better than the rest. Nom nom! I could come back here for more. :)

Other than that, I had others from here and there around Kuching.

kuching hui sing hawker centre

Hui Sing Hawker Centre was one of them.

kuching hui sing char kueh

Char Kueh, combination of savory and salted ones mixed with eggs. I like!

kuching hui sing tomato mee

Then, I ate Kio Chap, also known as Tomato Noodles, which is one of Kuching’s specialities. The kueh teow is cooked in thick tomato gravy, with additional ingredients such as pork meat.

On another day, I was brought to Lim Hock Ann Seafood in Buntal Village, it’s about 10 minutes drive from Damai Beach.

kuching lim hock ann seafood

I didn’t know Kuching is known for seafood as well. Since my initial geographical knowledge of Kuching wasn’t extensive, I learnt that the city of Kuching is actually near to the sea.

One dish I particularly love is the Oyster Omelette (or Pancake, some refer). In Kuching, the oyster omelette is slightly crispy like crackers.

kuching lim hock ann oyster pancake

This one in Lim Hock Ann is surely a dish to be savored. As you can see, the ingredients are all mixed well.

But at several places within the city centre, this is what you might get if you order the Oyster Pancake…

kuching oyster pancake

Another variation at Top Spot Food Court. Unlike the one above, this is┬áreally crispy with spots of oysters.┬áPresentation wise, quite interesting – but it’s really no match against Lim Hock Ann’s.

Anyway, the Layer Cakes (or locally known as Kek Lapis) are also hot-selling in Kuching.

kuching kek lapis dayang salhah

My colleagues love kek lapis – they bought many back to Peninsular. An ordinary one costs about RM10 while the more flavoursome ones are priced up to RM25.

Patrons are even served with slices of each flavours – for tasting purpose. Some tastes really nice, specially the ones with cheese.

kuching kek lapis

I could actually just grab all and eat for free. :)

Well, that’s all for now. Oh, so few only you say? Actually I had more but I guess it’s sufficient for a blog entry, for now.

Oh by the way, I think I could fit one more – if you wish to try something different other than the typical food, you can always opt for another Kuching speciality. It’s the…


KFC – Kuching Fried Chicken!

kfc set meal

It sure tastes good, I love the cheesy wedges!

Eh… wait a minute! How come I feel like I’ve eaten Kuching Fried Chicken before many, many times? Hmm… that’s uncanny.

36 thoughts on “Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa and More Kuching Food

  1. I could have Kuching Kolo mee almost everyday when I am going back to my mom’s hometown. I love to have with the cha siew red sauce. Taste much more yummier

    Besides, kolo mee, i also been to Hui Sing Hawker Centre nearby my uncle’s house to have my favourite Tomato Kuey Teow. Eat together with satay babi, i tell you, man, its heaven.

  2. aku tengah makan instant noodle when i come to your blog. Look see look see the food so good… then i scroll down to see what other Kuching speciality you talking about…haiz…nearly tersembur my instant noodle on my screen. Darn farneee la …Kuching Fried Chicken

  3. miss sarawak laksa n the kuching fried chicken..the menu from my local KFC is not the same as the one at kuching fried chicken…oh I love KFC pocketful. And about laksa, I think next time you should try Madam Tang’s Laksa…one of my fave :D and Dong Guan veggie noodle n carrot noodle too :D

  4. miss the kolo mee and sarawak laksa but so far… i think some of the food places there weren’t so fabulous to talk about! xD gonna try the sarawak laksa in Taman Megah soon… maybe u wanna join? let me know ya

  5. your friends really did a good job to bring u around for eatery.

    #8 stall kolok mee is my top favourite stall. I always order LARGE for satisfaction. Remember need to put “red”.

  6. Laksa Sarawak at Golden Gate usually comes with big prawn, that’s why you need to come early. Chinese made Laksa Sarawak are the best!

    There are few local dishes which you can’t get from foodstall or restaurant in Kuching. It’s usually a courtesy to dine with local family. You can have a try on sambal lada sarawak (Sarawak Pepper eaten with tempoyak gravy) when you come back here. I’ll make one for you :)

    1. My wife is from Sarawak (Kuching) and she grew up with many amazing dishes for sure but we love Laksa Sarawak and Kolo Mee and can eat it daily.

      The biggest challenge even if you are Muslim to get an authentic (halal version), is to find a consistant version of these two dishes in KL/Klang. So many have tried but lack this and failed.

      Out of the love for this food, we started GAMBONG! Authentic Sarawak, Real Kuching!, which operates out of Aji Don Alley in Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas. GAMBONG! is a Sarawakian Slang word response for doing something silly or funny!

      We have been up and running for 9 months and have succeeded in the above and are expanding daily. Laksa Sarawak is all about the gravy, kolo mee is all about the noodles! If you have these correct (authentically prepared) you are on your way!

      We take it one step further, we prepare these in a centralized kitchen. use only the top halal certified ingredients (most flown in from Sarawak) and our chef tastes everything before it gets to the stall level. We use 5-star servers and similar presentation when you eat with us. Prices food stall level!

      We would welcome you to come anytime to our stall to try our dishes. Friday/Sat we do Oxtail Kolo Mee which is amazing (slow cooked for 12 hours). Our normal Ground Chicken & Prawn/Honey Black Peppered Chicken/Beef versions are sold 6 days a week.

      Our Laksa well, just like your in Kuching!


      Cheers, and enjoy your blog!

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