MasterChef Malaysia Billboard Adverts Suck

MasterChef Malaysia Billboard Adverts Suck

Every time I come across the billboard advertisements of our very own MasterChef Malaysia, I just get all confused – coz I don’t get it.

To me, they… suck. Have a look…

masterchef malaysia ad 1

Translation: Girl, Wife and Bone.

Are they stereotyping that only female cooks or what? But the “bone” is definitely the odd one out. Sounds kinky though.

masterchef malaysia ad 2

Translation: Help! My girlfriend is a ghost cook.

This damn huge billboard is even worse – a ghost cook? I mean, are they out of relevant descriptive words?

masterchef malaysia ad 3

Translation: Bowl novelist.

Yeah, I know they are metaphors, but seriously… what?! Are those tag-lines actually represent anything meaningful to the whole (supposedly to be grand) competition?

You know what, if I’m the one who comes out with the MasterChef Malaysia advert tag-lines, it’d be this…

masterchef malaysia ad 4

Translation: Dunno how to cook ah?

Oh wait, it sucks also? Never mind… Malaysia Boleh mah!

31 thoughts on “MasterChef Malaysia Billboard Adverts Suck

  1. SERIOUSLYYYYY…I saw that Penulis Novel Mangkuk on LDP and there was a heavy traffic jam at that time. I actually sat there in the car thinking wth it means for more than 10 minutes and I still don’t get it. So I posted it on facebook asking if anyone understands it. No one did. o.O

  2. I’m not sure about the others, but in bahasa pasar “hantu” is used for someone that is crazy AND obsessed over something. Like, instead of kaki bola, it can also be hantu bola. Or something like that la.

    But yeah, the advert does suck, and not to mention damn humongous. But I still don’t watch the show~ lol~~

  3. yeah…their billboards are sexist, dumb and lame…hantu masak, stereotyping women are born to cook in the kitchen…penulis novel mangkuk, probably meant how a cook can create some creative work on the dishes or bowl…but in bahasa pasar, penulis novel mangkuk could actually referring to retarded novelist…lol

  4. Haha I like this. Yes their adverts are horrible. I think they’re staging it out like malay movie titles? Cos there’s a malay movie called Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak!..but still quite a silly way to publicise the show, which isn’t half bad lah for Msian standards heh.

  5. mula2 baca iklan tu…lama i termenung. then, i realize…the 1st word is related to the contestant’s job. the other words are something relate to the kitchen environment.

    penulis novel mangkuk = 1 of the contestant is a penulis novel (shahriah)…mangkuk salah satu perkakasan di dapur.
    pelakon kurang asam = 1 of the contestant is an actress (ary malik)…kurang asam istilah untuk masakan yang tak cukup rasa masam.
    peguam otak udang = 1 of the contestant is a lawyer (amita)…otak udang salah satu bahan untuk memasak.

    hahaha…long explaination & broken english…LOL. btw, astro is sooooo weird!

  6. if u view it from teenagers style of talking

    penulis novel mangkuk = penulis novel yg mcm bodoh
    -usually use ‘mangkuk’ as a polite way to day ur stupid…this is during my school days la, i dunno about u guys

    pelakon kurang asam = pelakon yg kurang manners
    – kurang asam usually been said if somebody did something that is not very nice..

    peguam otak udang = peguam yg stupid..
    otak udang tu bodoh kn?? org tua selalu pesan jgn mkn otak udang, nnt jadi bodo..

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