Great Moments with Microsoft

Great Moments with Microsoft

A lot has changed in the last decade since I started using the computer. Back in 1998 (if I could recall correctly) my parents decided to purchase a desktop computer – our very first one.

windows 95 logo

In fact, it was a Windows 95. This sure brings back loads of good ol’ memories!

The first ever computer game that got me addicted was Chip. It was one of the default Microsoft games.

chip game

Despite its simplicity, it was enjoyable to collect colourful keys and chips nonetheless. After all, there weren’t much high-tech games back then.

A decade has then passed, and we’re in a much technological advanced era. Instant messengers have overtaken the conventional face-to-face conversations.

msn live messenger poster

Chat rooms such as mIRC are long gone due to the social networking sites all over the Internet.

mirc chat

Know what, I used to chat on mIRC when I was young. Back then, I get to pretend to be older and even virtually changed my gender just by typing “F” when introducing myself.

That was really fun. Hehe. But of course, I don’t do that anymore these days. Seriously!

And with the computer, our life has definitely changed drastically. Remember the life before such technology?

letter to friend

Neither do I.

Anyway, ever since I started working for my current company a couple of months ago, I’ve been a Windows 7 user.

windows 7 enterprise

By comparing the Windows 7 with the previous Windows editions, there are various reasons to get it – faster speed, better wireless networking and smarter search. It’s cool.

Being a visually-inclined person, I particularly like the new taskbar with bigger button and cool thumbnail previews.

windows 7 taskbar preview

Can have sneak peek like that.

Besides, the Microsoft Office has always been a significant tool to get work done. Other than working with clients, dealing with Words, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio is part of my work routine.

You know what, the Office 2010 allows cool features like co-authoring a single document and broadcasting slideshow presentations over the Internet. Hence, it’s even easier to work with colleagues and clients anywhere, anytime!

microsoft excel

Well recently, Microsoft has launched a campaign called the “It’s a Great Time to be a Family” and the idea is universal, truly global and blends well with our Malaysian culture as we all love to interact.

The fact is, Windows 7, Office and Windows Phone bring people together through real and relatable moments. They are technologies that help bring convenience in our life by allowing us to connect and communicate with our friends and family.

Ultimately with it, I get connected to people easily. It’s always just a click or tap away!

windows phone tango

So yeah, for more Microsoft PC details and upcoming promotion, check out

Oh by the way, if you’ve made a purchase of Windows 7 or Office 2010 recently, you should participate in the Great Family Time Contest which runs from 15 October 2011 until 15 January 2012, where you stand a chance to win a Nissan Grand Livina and much more!

All you do next is to count the number of family members in this picture…

microsoft great family time contest

How many did you count? I think I got 59 people if my eye sight doesn’t fail me. *rubs strained eyes*

Anyway, speaking of Microsoft Office, one thing I surely miss from all those years of using Words has got to be the super friendly and appear-out-of-nowhere Paperclip, Clippy.

If Clippy is still around and is customized for blogging purposes, writing a blog entry would have certainly been so much easier right?

microsoft word paperclip

Clippy, write me an awesome post! Now!

19 thoughts on “Great Moments with Microsoft

  1. Yeah.. Clippy is the one we miss so much!! He he he.. Err,I think I want to change all my laptop visual appearances back to windows 95.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v.. Thanks for the idea..

  2. Bananaz bought his first laptop in 1997 using Windows 95, didn’t engage clippy but doggie instead. Wow looking back MS quite a while to get used to the stages until the recent Windows7. tQ

  3. we’ve come so far.. i wonder when we are grandfathers, how would technology have evolved. Probably everything is implanted on a chip inserted into our brain.

    Brain upgrade for RM150, DDR1223561 anyone?

  4. OMG I have been trying to find Chip for years!!!! I couldn’t remember what it was called
    And have been looking soooo long and I just stumbled across your article on it!!!
    Thankyou so so so much! I am so giddy! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! Now to see if I can get the actual game to play!!!! In off to google search ;-)

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