Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011: The Event

Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011: The Event

The story started a few months back – when Nuffnang announced that they’re organizing the 2nd blog awards ceremony in Putrajaya Malaysia. The hype was around, it’s the night that most bloggers want to be at.

As much as I like blogging, I have initially no intention of attending it.

But fate came along, I received a call from Nuffnang and was told that my blog,, was shortlisted as a finalist for the Hidden Gem category.

nuffnang blog awards 2011

My jaw dropped in surprise. Honestly, I never saw it coming – having such a privilege is something I rarely attain when it comes to blogging, or so I thought.

Nevertheless, I was really, really delighted.

Attending such an event was definitely not what I pictured when I started blogging 3 years back. I wouldn’t have expected to experience this just by writing on the Internet.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 hidden gem board

So there I was at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 as one of the finalists in the Hidden Gem category. My blog was up against 6 other blogs from 6 countries currently under Nuffnang.

I came to the event with 3 notable Malaysian comic illustrators, Jian from, Chee Ching from, and Ernest from Bro, don’t like that la, bro.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 comic bloggers

Know what, I was their driver. So… it was really an honour for me to drive such famous bloggers hor! :D

Anyway, prior to the event, it was probably the first time that I actually thought of what shirt colour to wear.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 wall

Eventually, I went with gray, a red tie and the rest are obviously black.

So after meeting some bloggers, mingling around and taking photos, we finally proceed to the ballroom.

putrajaya marriott ballroom

As I stepped into the ballroom, I headed straight to my designated table. The atmosphere inside was grand and the stage lighting was fantastic.

It’s not everyday you see bloggers so well-dressed.

putrajaya marriott table

Was I excited after being seated? Not really.

But I can’t wait for the announcement of the winners, especially the Hidden Gem category.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 performance

There were performances such as an opening dance, songs by James Baum and Reshmonu, stand-up comedy by Harith Iskandar and a sexy showtime by Viva Circus.

The performances were good, particularly the jokes by Harith Iskandar about the typical antics of being in Malaysia.

As for the food…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 food

We were served (from top to bottom) with Mediterranean Seafood Terrine, Puree of Split Pea Soup, Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint, Pan-fried Dory Fillet (my choice for main course) and Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup.

I wish I could have given some comment on the food, but I can’t… because I gobbled them up as though I was rushing for something. The sign of nervousness kicked in?

But generally, they were good.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 booklet

The event booklet was well-done. Classy cover design and the content, which consists of messages from key Nuffnang personnel, is definitely worth reading.

Instinctively, I quickly flipped to Hidden Gem finalists page. Well, interesting description of my blog I would say. Quite accurate, but I don’t think I blog about “everyday issues” lah…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 booklet hidden gem

Just curious… am I your secret favourite song? But I can’t sing, you know that right? :P

P/S: Gotta thank Sherrie for the photo. When Nuffnang asked me for it, I couldn’t find a suitable one. In fact, I don’t have any recent presentable photos. It shows how rare I take photos of myself. *camera shy*

Throughout the night, the winners for each category were announced one by one – with performance intervals in between.

putrajaya marriott ballroom stage

It started off with the Best Photography Blog, then with other categories such as Best Parenting Blog, Best Geek Blog, Best Food Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, Most Original Blog Design, Best Travel Blog…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 presentation

… Best Entertainment Blog, Best Micro-Blog… and…

The moment that I have been waiting for… the Best Hidden Gem Blog.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 nominees

The Hidden Gem finalists were announced. I see my face on stage. The crowd was cheering whenever each finalist was shown.

Was I excited at this moment…? HELL YEAH!

As the award presenter was called up on stage, I kept telling myself… It’s not me, it’s not me…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 hidden gem

The award presenter then took his place on the stage, and it was time to find out the result.

He read out as the speakers boomed loudly – and the winner for Best Hidden Gem goes to…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 hidden gem winner

… Googly Gooeys!

Yes, it wasn’t me. The winning blog is about 2 cartoon characters by a couple from the Philippines. I guess blogs with drawings and illustrations have a better advantage in the “Hidden Gem” category since the previous winner in 2009 was also an illustrator.

Nevertheless, congratulations to them for winning the award. As for myself, it’s already a contentment and privilege for reaching this far.

The event officially ended when Queen Xia Xue bagged both the Most Influential Blog and Region’s Best Blog.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 photo

And unofficially, the bloggers’ own photo session resumed. They got together and started snapping photos together – for memories and obviously to be posted up on their own blog.

I may have taken photos with several people, but here are all the photos with individuals that were captured in my camera…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 blogger photo

At first I thought I took quite a lot, but it turns out to be only 15 photos. Can you name all the bloggers in the photos?

No prize will be given though. ;) But on a side note, I realized that I took more personal photos with the guys as compared to the girls. It’s either for the love of bromance, or the girls think I’m a pervert – so that stay away from me? Hmm…


Oh well, ultimately we had a great time – met new faces that I’ve known long on the Internet, saw superstar bloggers but only approached some, and received wonderful support from fellow bloggers!

nuffnang blog awards 2011 bloggers group

It was certainly a memorable experience – being part of this massive and grand event is absolutely a milestone in 2011. Hats off to Nuffnang for successfully organizing the event!

I’ll end this super long post with a rare self-indulgent photo of myself… on the red carpet some more – don’t play play!

nuffnang blog awards 2011 ken

Yay! Finally, a presentable photo of myself! :D

Oh by the way, at the end of the event, Ming (the co-founder of Nuffnang) mentioned that even though there is only a winner for each category, every one of us is a winner.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 booklet 1

So when I was back home, I starred at the event booklet’s cover. Then a realization appeared – I understood why Ming said those words to us.

Yes, I finally got it…

nuffnang blog awards 2011 booklet 2

Coz every blogger was given a booklet, and there is an award trophy on it. So all along, we’ve been holding our own award trophy without realizing it.

That means, I’ve sort of ‘won’ after all. Great, that means I can finally present my award acceptance and appreciation speech too – which I’ve rehearsed for like… 27569 times, wtf.

nuffnang blog awards 2011 booklet 3

Here goes – I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to Nuffnang who’ve made all these possible, the amazing readers, those who’ve been supporting my blog through thick and thin, and definitely not forgetting friends and family. Thank you so much!

Oh yeah, to continue from where I stopped, we headed to the after-party at Zouk KL after the event. Yes yes, I know I have 10 reasons why I dislike clubbing… but give that a break, shall we? :P

And after Zouk, something unexpected happened on the way back home. What could it be? To find out soon, just stay tuned! :)

P/S: Aftermath revealed!

51 thoughts on “Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011: The Event

  1. Omg… I’m a winner too?! *tears* Thank Kenwooi for telling us this and the design team for including my award in the booklet so it’s easy to carry home! <3 It was great meeting you in the flesh!

  2. there’s always next time!! probably u’ll be the one bagging best region blog 2 years from now right?

    LOL @ caroline’s photobomb of u n benjamin

    damn..if I wasn’t tired, i will probably go for the after party as well…definitely something good is going on there

  3. Even when I tell myself not to read this, I still read it. Let me stress this one more time, I nominated you! hehe. I wish you had won though~~ See. Even though I know this will hurt me, I still come to see what you wrote about. Now I’m leaving with a bigger wound~~ huhu

  4. Too bad you did not win. I voted for you. Keep up your good work, you’ll make it some day. At least you get to meet Kenny Sia in person…and you’re better looking than him. LOL!!!

  5. Hey good to finally meet you bro! :)

    Haha! I totally get what you mean, I don’t have a photo of myself too coz I usually take with other people…

    …and I forgot to take one of myself that night. -_-

  6. Nice one on that cut out trophy part . Only u can think of that ! Hahaha . A pity u didn’t win , but there’s always chance the nx time round . Will still vote for u :)

  7. Never mind you didn’t win. Being nominated is a great achievement already. I gotta say the last part is creatively funny. LOL. Keep blogging Ken.

  8. hey, ken! nice to finally met you at zouk that night. i remember you once in a while left comments in my blog. and i visited yours back. unfortunately you didn’t seems to remember though……………………..

    btw congratulations for being nominated! you are still a winner of all! ツ

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