Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011: The Aftermath

Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011: The Aftermath

So I was at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 at Putrajaya Marriott. It was fun.

nuffnang napbas 2011

Had a great time, then off we go to Zouk for the after-party. It was free entry, so I don’t mind going.

Spent 3 hours there, didn’t do much. Drank complimentary bottles of Heineken, covered with smoke and talked with people. Fun too, I guess.

zouk kl

The aftermath, as stated in the earlier entry, didn’t happen in Zouk.

It happened after we left Zouk. On the way back, I was cruising on the highway. Took an exit, and…



After the split-second incident, there were bumpy sounds from the wheel. This is, on the other hand, wasn’t fun at all.

Stopped by the road and…

punctured car tyre

Wa. Lao. Eh…!! At 4am in the morning, my car hit a wicked pothole! You gotta be kidding me!

My tyre went flat straight away. The rim has slight dents, but luckily it was alright.

The cause…

punctured car tyre pierce

Friggin’ 2 inch pierce straight into the side of the tyre. I tell you what – the pothole must be doing it right.

Before proceeding, I must say that I’ve never experienced a flat tyre. I think I know how to change a flat tyre, but have never done it before.

Fortunately, I wasn’t alone.

change car tyre

Ernest, being the most experienced one, took charge and gave instructions as though we’re on a military training to fix a battle tank.

We obliged, our survival was at stake or else the enemies would have discovered our shortcomings and launched a torpedo straight towards us.

unscrew car tyre

The hardest part was to unscrew the nuts. Previously when the tyres were changed, the mechanic used the screwing machine. Prreewwwwwww!!!

I wished I had that weapon on board, but too bad we had to prove our macho-ness – our manly strength. Ernest, Jian and I took turns trying to be Hulk. Chee Ching was our medic – in case we injure ourselves. wtf.

We kicked, pushed, pressed, f*cked (cursed at the wheel), snapped photos (evidently yours truly) and finally, one by one – the nuts came out – like FINALLY!

change car tyre together

Oh wait, I may not be in the photos but I helped too okay – just that nobody took photos of me when I was working my biceps, triceps and abs! Heh.

So after 40 minutes, the flat tyre was replaced and we drove back to base safely, and in 1 piece. Our commander must be proud of us.

temporary car tyre

Mission accomplished!

But for me, it didn’t end there. The next morning I went to a nearby military base to get the tyre patched and be done with it, or so I thought.

But the engineer said that the wound is too severe and it can’t be patched anymore. It wouldn’t work.

car tyres

So reluctantly, I had to buy a single new tyre for… RM200!

Shit happens. Eventually, money flushes away because of that. But it’s always an experience.

Know what, it’s almost like an entrance fee (+ some booze maybe) for Zouk already. Great!

new car tyre

There you go, the something “unexpected” that happened on the way back home from Zouk. Really unexpected right?!

But this experience is definitely gonna leave a battle scar in my life, more of… a pothole trauma!

road pothole

Coz now onwards, whenever I drive towards an oncoming pothole, I’ll definitely go…

road rage


*turns steering wheel frantically*

car in pothole

Oh crap!

Screw you, pothole!

33 thoughts on “Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011: The Aftermath

  1. Wa ernest to the rescue! But i think everyone should know how to change tyre. mayb if too bored have tyre changing competition with buds? lols… anyways glad it was nothing too serious. hope your blogging can cover the damage^^HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Few days before we started our trip to Johor, I brought my car to nearest tyre shop to check the alignment.. and the mechanic found my front tyre has two pierced nails in it.. gosh!! but he said nothing serious la.. he plastered the two holes..i kept asking him whether safe or not cos of the long journey, he said no worries.. cost RM16 to plaster the two holes… true enough, the holes didnt affect the journey.. phew!! good to check our tyres once awhile..

  3. Aiyoyo~ The night you were having fun and midnight/ early morning 4am tire flat. My gosh. :( This is what happening in Malaysia roadway, and Sabah having the worst one. sighh~~

    Byebye RM200.

  4. LOL! I thought I was the only one who doesn’t know how to change a flat tire. I had to watch a clip of ‘how to change a flat tyre’ on youtube when I had to do it alone last time. LOL. But of course now I know la.

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