First Time On Air with Red FM

First Time On Air with Red FM

I received a call from Thara of Nuffnang last week, she told me that Red FM will be interviewing me since I’m one of the category (Hidden Gem) finalists for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards happening this month.

Initially I thought of a normal interview where my blog and I will be featured on Red FM’s website or somewhere. But I was wrong, it’s actually an opportunity (probably once in a life time) to go on air with Red FM!

Wow, wow and wow! Can’t believe that. Long story short…

red fm station

I agreed immediately! It’s not like I could get this sort of chance often – surely once in a blue moon!

For those who’re on my Twitter and Facebook, you would’ve know that I went on air.

radio station time

The slot was from 2pm till 3pm. I reached pretty early I guess?

But you know what, I actually skipped work just to be here! My colleagues don’t even know about it. Shhh…

red fm radio station

Anyway, this was my mic. I “kissed” it a few times, hope they actually sanitize it after my session. Oops?

Moving on, the deejay who interviewed me was none other than…

linora low red fm

The red hot Linora Low! She’s so red, she could perfectly camouflage inside the broadcasting room since, coz you know – the wall is red, the chair is also red.. uhmm.. yeah..

So while Linora was preparing her announcements and the stuff a deejay is suppose to do, my usual instinct was to snap more photos.

radio station mic

That’s my mic with Linora checking out Facebook and Twitter (I think?).

red fm broadcasting room

Another view of the broadcasting room with all those screens and sophisticated sliding lighted buttons.

So prior to every interval, the interview conversations were actually pre-recorded when the songs are being played. I wish I could do a live one, but since it’s my first time and I’m a newbie… you get the point. :)

radio station on air

So when 2pm struck, Linora announced my presence and we proceed with recording short conversations throughout the hour.

For those who’ve missed it, here’s the brief interview recap.

— Start —

Linora: Here with me today is the Hidden Gem nominee for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, Kennnnn… Wooi! Tell me about yourself.
Ken: I’m a full-time IT Consultant and a part-time blogger.

Linora: How did you start blogging?
Ken: I started back in 2008 when I was still in university. A friend started a blog and hence, being kiasu, I started one too.

Linora: What type of posts did you write about at first?
Ken: Back then, I wrote about my life in campus and the university events. But I make a point to always add a pinch of humour in each post.

— Music break —

The usual introduction by Linora, I just hello-ed.

Linora: What is one of your funniest posts so far?
Ken: I guess it should be How to be Cool with Words for Noobies. In it, I talked about conversations being too ordinary. So to add coolness, we could say “Yo” instead of the usual “Hi” greeting. “Chao” instead of “Bye”.

how to be cool

Linora (to listeners): I’m actually looking through the post now. It’s so funny, you guys can check it out!

— Music break —

The usual introduction by Linora, I just hi-ed.

Linora: How long do you take to prepare a funny blog post?
Ken: I normally take up to 3 or 4 hours for a good post.

Linora: What about the latest one, Tweets Can Be Deceiving. How did you come up with it?
Ken: It was drafted back in September. When I think it’s time to publish it, I elaborate, take necessary photos and incorporate them into the post. I realized that tweets are sometimes exaggerated and they don’t imply the true actions of the owner. For example, when a person is clubbing so hard, it’s impossible for him to write a well-constructed message.

Linora: I think the Rooney one is funny. Are you an MU fan?
Ken: Yes!
Linora: Great! *plays Glory Glory Man United*

manchester united crest

(I visited Old Trafford before!)

Linora (to listeners): *stops song* Okay, so if you’ve any questions for Ken, ask away!

— Music break —

The usual introduction by Linora, I just hey-ed.

Linora: Now, a question asked by Priscilla Tawie via Twitter, all the way from Kuching – who do you thank for the inspiration to blog?
Ken: The earliest inspiration was Kenny Sia. I’ve been reading his blog even before I started – enjoyed his funny and creative blog posts.

kenwooi kennysia

Linora: Ahh, funny posts, that’s the connection. I see.
Ken: However along the way, I get bad comments saying that I imitate Kenny Sia from top to toe. Even our blog icon has a “K” on it. But “Ken” starts with a “K” too, what to do? But nowadays, I rarely get such comments anymore – coz it’s after all my blogging style.

— Music break —

The usual introduction by Linora, I just hello-ed again.

Linora: How do you deal with hate comments?
Ken: I’d normally read them and delete instantly.
Linora: Oh that’s direct, but don’t you have the urge to response?
Ken: Nah, there is no point responding coz they’re anonymous after all.

Linora: Do you have any advice for those who wants to be a humour blogger?
Ken: Ahh, I actually blogged about it but can’t remember what I wrote.
Linora: Haha, seems like you’ve blogged about almost everything. Even the pre-preparation of the preparation process of preparing a blog post right? (reference: How To Prepare A Blog Post)

preparing blog post

Ken: Yeap!
Linora: Alright lastly, another question – any advice for aspiring bloggers?
Ken: Be creative and open-minded when coming up with blog entries.

Linora: That’s it for now! So Ken, how do we keep in touch with you?
Ken: I blog at k-e-n-w-o-o-i-dot-com. For Twittter, kenwooi as well.
Linora: Nice branding. What about Facebook page?
Ken: Yes, for Facebook –

Linora: That’s all the time we have for now. Thank you Ken and we wish you all the best!

— The end —

So yeah, 5 short conversations (at most about 1 minute each) spread over 1 hour – with long music breaks in between.

kenwooi red fm

Yay! On air interview done! :D

Speaking of the selection of featured blog post, most of’s funny posts are parodies of interesting Malaysian news which somehow involve political matters, therefore they’re inappropriate. Captain Malaysia seems cool though. Why Men Like Boobs came across my mind too, but I feel uneasy to talk about boobs on air lah.

*puts on good innocent boy look*

kenwooi and linora

One thing’s for sure, it was one great experience to be on-air and be interviewed by my favourite radio station – Red FM!

Linora and I even posed for the “What The Fuck” pose taken from How to be Cool with Words for Noobies

kenwooi and linora wtf

Here’s the original picture from the blog entry…

Yeah, wtf?! – probably Linora’s favourite! But she couldn’t say it over the radio though. Haha. :P

So I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Nuffnang for giving me this amazing opportunity, Red FM for having me, my boss for not asking where the heck I am, and last but not least – all of you reading this, the support has been sensational!

Oh yeah, midway through the interview session, Linora and I snapped a photo of ourselves in the radio station. Linora posted it up on Red FM Malaysia Facebook page…

facebook kenwooi and linora

Nice picture. Linora looks cute on this photo right?

But when I read through the comments after that…

facebook photo comment

So cute, is the man, macho and quite handsome. Nice! But wait…

Me… so cute? Uhh… she gotta be kidding hor?

34 thoughts on “First Time On Air with Red FM

  1. ken memang famous! but seriously you sounded good on air. was listening while at work after you wrote on Inniters wall.

    Pris – you’re also famous! free publicity by Linora:P

  2. the fella who said u’re macho and asked u to add him is quite creepy in a way! XD kudos to u! it’s a great interview despite i can sense the nervous feeling in u… haha! :D

  3. Argh.. me so jelly.. Hey,when it will be our dinner time?? :-p.. Err, I’m going back for a while for Christmas at Sabah,so,next year then.. :-p.. Damn,U shud colour your head red on that day Bro.. Ha ha ha.. and agree with Ernest.. You should win..

  4. Wow, that was a really great opportunity and experience for you! :D Wish I could’ve tuned in to listen. >_< Anyway, good for you, and best of luck in the Nuffnang Awards! :D

  5. I missed the earliest part! but it’s really cool to get to go on air, not everyone will have such opportunity like you said *envy* but the part where she plays the man u song was really epic! HAHA

  6. Congrats Ken Wooi. Getting on air as a blogger is soo cool. With all the efforts, bloggers like you definitely deserve some recognition. Too bad I didn’t get to listen to it (not really a Red FM listener) but by just reading this post I can already imagine. :-D

  7. Ken!! i finally got the time to do some reading and this is a fabulous post! i was smiling through out the whole thing hehee.. and yes u are adorable ^_^ keep on blogging! Stay in touch yeah.

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