Tweets Can Be Deceiving

Tweets Can Be Deceiving

The Internet is probably the only place where ordinary human can freely express their thoughts and feelings to friends and followers, if not the whole world.

internet http

Nowadays, online users are consistently hooked onto the Internet largely because of the existence of social networking websites. The platforms available to share and be heard are so extensive.

Take Twitter for example.

funny twitter

Despite having lesser users as compared to Facebook, I believe the majority owns a Twitter account.

Tweeting can be fun. You share things within 140 characters – personal thoughts or rants, a photo that interests you or even links to Youtube and your blog entries. I have been using Twitter since early 2009. To me, Twitter is like a quick spin-off from blogging.

But my point for today is… that tweets can be deceiving. I always think that characters and words are expressionless – it doesn’t resemble the real emotions or actions of the owner. It can be ambiguous or misleading.

Let me give you some examples…


1) A tweet from someone at a concert.

concert tweet

It sounds so fun and exciting, the performer is on FIRE! Plus a twitpic from the concert scene too, great!

But is that someone really portraying the impression implied through that exhilarating tweet? Maybe he was actually just…

concert tweet real

While the typical fans do things like jumping, chanting and singing along – he could be just playing the “media reporter” role – taking photos/videos and updating real-time status from the concert.

2) A tweet from a football fanatic watching a live football match.

goal tweet

The tweet obviously celebrates a magnificent goal scored by his favourite team. So thrilling – it gives the impression that the dude screamed his lungs out while running frantically across an imaginary field.

But possibly in real life, it’s an entirely different scenario…

goal tweet real

He could be comfortably seated on the sofa, typed that tweet and continue to stare at the match on Astro. #truestory

3) A tweet from a dude having a dinner date.

romantic dinner tweet

She’s beautiful, yada yada. We know you would catch a grenade for her, marry her and go all Bruno Mars on her.

But chances are, the dude might be afraid to tell that in her face.

romantic dinner tweet real

Perhaps it’s quite hard to express that since Rebecca Black is too obsessed with another dude named Friday.

4) A tweet from a friend clubbing in a club.

clubbing tweet

Woot woot! It seems like your friend is having so much fun at the club. His ass must be working out so hard.

But the thing is… that friend of yours could be just sitting by the table looking around. Or in between the dancing crowd playing with the phone, tweeting throughout the clubbing night…

clubbing tweet real

If the friend is clubbing and drinking so hard, he wouldn’t be sober enough type a well-constructed message on Twitter.

Even if he tried to, THIS will be the tweet…

clubbing tweet drunk

Too wasted to tweet. Seriously.


So yeah, the thing is… status updates via the Internet could be so much fun, exciting and mysterious – whatever you share can imprint an image on the reader’s mind.

But the thing is… tweets can be deceiving. It doesn’t necessary mean the real thing.

Just like this one from yours truly…

awesome tweet

Great, now you think I’m awesome.

But in real life, this could be happening…

awesome tweet emo

But still, I’m awesome. #emo #kenwooiFTW (syok sendiri hashtag)

If you’d like to read my awesome tweets, I tweet @kenwooi. Follow at your own risk, you’ve been deceived warned.

31 thoughts on “Tweets Can Be Deceiving

  1. TRUE! I’ve also believed that because of wanting to tweet & update and record videos we missed out on really enjoying the game/concert/event.

    How to type and dance at the same time?! Teach me pls sifu! LOL

  2. always the entertainer ken! nice read.. :) but i don’t post deceiving tweets. #honest .. probably coz i don’t know how to, but guess i got some pointers from here on how to compose deceiving tweets! :P

  3. i tell barbie u cheating on her with rebecca black!

    apparently clubbing turns you into a wolf! hahaha

    nice way to promote your twitter! i still havent gotten mine :P

  4. Thats exactly what I think whenever I read tweets like that. I suppose all these social networking sites sort of lets us live “vicariously” in the virtual world at least.

  5. Hahaha LOL at the last pic! So poor thing only :P But I totally get what you mean.. some tweets are really quite fake just to create the hype that one is popular or having fun.. maybe to make others jealous :P

  6. hahas nice! i guess it’s just because the virus of tweeting spreads, and everyone ought to update bout something he/she feels proud and glamorous of?

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