The Ah Ah Stalls

The Ah Ah Stalls

Coming up with a name for a business isn’t easy these days, especially when it comes to stalls at food courts.

I bumped into these few amusing stall names recently. Interestingly, all of them starts with an “Ah” and followed by a single syllable.

ah yeo stall

This is “Ah Yeo”. If the food served here is bad, you can go “AIYOH”!

ah kok stall

This is “Ah Kok”. I suppose they serve sausages and hot dogs.

ah tan stall

This is “Ah Tan”. Every dish is prepared with an egg.

ah lau stall

This is “Ah Lau”. I can’t think of any for this.

a kheng stall

This is “Ah Kheng”. It means it’s incredible – so KHENG! Don’t play play.

And the last one…

ah wooi stall

This is “Ah Wooi”. When you wanna order food, just “wooi” the workers. Also, the famous Kenball sauce is only available here.

But please, don’t “wooi” me. Kthxbai.

26 thoughts on “The Ah Ah Stalls

  1. i can see that it is some food court or something similar coz’ every stall has the same front view, lol. so the whole food street is full of ah-s stalls? why no AHBENG one?

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