The Mission for Car Number Plates

The Mission for Car Number Plates

Car number plates can be pretty fascinating.

A few months back, I saw an interesting car number plate – which was “4444”. Thinking of how rare such an occurrence to happen, I decided to set myself on a personal mission.

funny car number plate

The mission – to take photos of number plates with 4 repetitive numbers from one (1), all the way to nine (9).

So for the past few months, I’ve been constantly observing the number plates of cars while driving. Sometimes, I even casually looked around whenever I’m at parking lots.

And finally, after months of scouting high low left right up down, I’ve finally done it. Mission accomplished!


1111 car number plate

1111 – This photo of the taxi was taken in Kuching, while I was there on a business trip.

2222 car number plate

2222 – I was on the highway, on the way back to PJ.

3333 car number plate

3333 – Photo taken while waiting for the traffic light. Was on the way back home from work. Number 3333 was the final photo obtained – felt so lucky to have stopped right behind this car!

4444 car number plate

4444 – This photo triggered the whole mission. Photo taken at Tesco Mutiara Damansara back in July 2011.

5555 car number plate

5555 – The Myvi was unexpectedly spotted nearby my place.

6666 car number plate

6666 – Bumped into it after exiting the toll in Ipoh.

7777 car number plate

7777 – Another photo taken while driving on the highway.

8888 car number plate

8888 – This shot was captured at LDP? Can’t remember.

9999 car number plate

9999 – This one confirm was at LDP. I was actually trying my best to stay close, so that I could get a good photo. Blur though.


You know, most of the photos are taken while I was behind the steering wheel. Whenever a target was sighted, I’d quickly whip out the camera or camera phone to snap the photo. Oh, there were cases where it appeared, but I didn’t manage to snap the photo! :/

Well, fortunately – this ‘dangerous’┬ámission was successfully executed. I came out alive, and no one was injured during the process! :D

P/S: Number plates aren’t censored for an obvious reason. Duh!

P/S: It took me 6 months to get the complete collection.

30 thoughts on “The Mission for Car Number Plates

    1. I also thought Chinese won’t take 4444 as their car plate number but surprisingly, my ex-manager who is Chinese bought a new red car with “4444”.. We all really got a huge surprised by him

  1. New Mission, should you choose to accept it:

    take pictures of single digit car plate number 1 – 9

    this message will not self destruct unless you delete it.

  2. hi!happy Chinese new year! i love number too. i have seen MAF14 which mean mafia at ukm when i was a ukm student. i really wish to see n know person who drive CCC666(read it as triple c triple six not enam) the C shape n number almost alike, right? even the number AAA444 almost the same but the way we pronounce it, not as wonderful as CCC666.
    lot of people choose their plates resemble themselves. 4212-azizi.
    me?really wish too to get plates Z but i’m not an army.

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