Malaysians to Survive the End of the World

Malaysians to Survive the End of the World

PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian government has announced that they have taken serious consideration and measures in saving the citizens from the wrath of a total world destruction this year.

end of the world

As predicted by the Mayan, an apocalypse will happen at the end of the year – 21 December 2012 to be exact.

mayan calendar 2012

According to a philosopher, the Mayans are a serious bunch of civilization. They don’t fool around with the dates. If the rock doesn’t have anymore space, they’ll get another rock!

But apparently, truth to be told – the end of the world is near. Leaders from all around the world have secretly met up several times to discuss on this upcoming catastrophe.

As for the Malaysian government, a secret project was launch 5 years ago – and it has been kept as top confidential secret, until today. The Prime Minister has finally decided to reveal it to the people – it’s called the 1Malaysia Ark Project.

1malaysia ark

The image above is a prototype of the 1Malaysia Ark, designed by a top Malaysian engineer, Professor Ken Wooi. The prototype design, which was approved by the government, has been released to the public recently in order to provide hope for the Malaysian citizens.

“There would be only ONE ark built, and it’ll be ready by November 2012. Great!”, the Malaysian Prime Minister announced recently in a press conference.

When asked why only one when it could have been more to accommodate more people, he replied…

najib 1malaysia

Also present at the press conference was Professor Ken Wooi. “So if you wanna survive the apocalypse and be around to countdown for 2013, this is your chance!”, he said while showing off his ultimate design.

After the press conference, the booking of survival packages on the 1Malaysia Ark was initiated – with the prices adjusted reasonable in return of one’s survival and comfort.

While many are still procrastinating, being last minute and having tak-apa attitude, there are still many packages available for sale!

People of Malaysia, prepare yourself to survive! Here are the packages…



1) First Class at RM1,999+++ per night.

1malaysia ark first class

The package comes with add-ons such as breakfast for 2, world survival kit and a Malaysian flag.

This luxurious room comes with a huge window for live view of the apocalypse too! BEST BUY!!!

2) Business Class at RM999+++ per night.

1malaysia ark business class

The package comes with add-ons such as – breakfast and for 2, world survival kit and a Malaysian flag. No window at all.

3) Economy Class at RM599+++ per night.

1malaysia ark economy class

The package comes with add-ons such as – breakfast for 2 and a Malaysian flag only.

4) Cheap Class at RM99+++ per bed per night.

1malaysia ark cheap class

The package comes with nothing, you cheapskate!

That’s not all, the packages purchased can be topped up with special add-ons, customized for the Malaysian favourite past-time activities!



1) Clubbing at RM99+++ per pax.

1malaysia ark clubbing

2) Buffet Dinner at RM99+++ per pax.


3) Casino at RM99+++ per pax.

1malaysia ark casino

4) Shopping at RM99+++ per pax.

1malaysia ark shopping

5) Theme Park at RM99+++ per pax.

1malaysia ark theme park


As the unofficial website partner of 1Malaysia Ark Project, is giving out 5 free tickets for your survival – Complimentary FIRST CLASS (for 2) package!

1malaysia ark ticket

Yes, a giveaway! To get your hands on this free survival pass, just tweet and five (5) lucky survivors will be selected.

Click to tweet!

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If you’re not lucky, fret not! You still have time to buy now before it’s too late. The room packages are limited, do purchase your survival while stock lasts. Buy it at any 1Malaysia Sundry Shops near you.

All prices are subject to 10% Service Charge, 6% Government Tax and 5% Survival Fee. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Fund for Malaysian Living (FML).

On a related note, the official website for online purchase will be launched soon. Please be patient.

– This news is reported by Kenwooi News Network (KNN).

37 thoughts on “Malaysians to Survive the End of the World

  1. Even if I sold everything I won’t be able to afford the cheapo package which includes nothing but a bed…

    I shall use the money to buy a package to climb Mt. Everest. I either die on top or die trying. =/ Die anyway.

  2. LOL! Kenwooi you are awesome.
    You can be the best entertainer!

    Fund for Malaysian Living (FML)
    Kenwooi News Network (KNN)

    I wonder how you get your ideas!

  3. FML! hahhahahaha.
    The government has gotta get some tips on agencies naming man.
    I definitely picked the right guy as an inspiration on writing my blog posts :) Come check it out if you have the time, Ken :)

  4. aiyooo..pity la the Mayan if they read this first i really thought its a serious warning but after reading thru i just realized that i have been ‘bang bang boom’ maa!!haha

  5. Instead of staying in the sea, lets buy a seat in my rocket to go to the moon!
    I got built a hotel on the moon!
    But of course, ticket more expensive lah.

  6. LOL nice…definitely made my day..btw..u forgot something..

    insurance charge, baggage charge, hand carry luggage not to exceed how many limits..

    eh…this ARK confirm can sink wan ah?

  7. Brother is this true ??????
    can you tell me more about it please!

    my email:

    i have alot of question to ask about it !!!!!!
    and one more when is the website being launched i mean the official website to purchase the package !!!!!!!!

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