11 First Times in 2011

11 First Times in 2011

It’s the end of the year as we know it. Year 2011 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Well for me, it’s the first full year residing and working in Petaling Jaya.

petaling jaya sign

My initial intention was to document a summary of the life experiences throughout 2011 – I browsed through my blog entries, but there weren’t much interesting occasions. In fact, majority are dumb and silly blog entries – which have nothing to do with my life.

So instead of blabbering on boring stuff, I’ve decided to list down the “first times” in my 2011. There are certainly more, but here are the significant 11…


1) Received a free compact camera, for the first time.

nikon coolpix s1100pj

It was a sponsored entry given by Nuffnang, and I totally didn’t expect the review to come with a Nikon Coolpix S1100pj compact camera.

2) Conducted a mini self-surgery to remove a foot corn on my own, for the first time.

foot corn blood

I sure wish I don’t have to do that again. The pain was so intense, I was surprisingly daring (fed up with annoyance maybe) and thankfully it healed! Yay!

3) Participated in an automobile test-drive event, for the first time.

car convoy

It was the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive. And unexpectedly, I won grand prize in the internal contest! :D

4) Applied for a credit card, for the first time.

citibank logo

Wanted the Citibank Clear Card since it has many goodies, but my application was rejected. I don’t know why. So I’m still credit card-less.

5) Played Laser Tag, for the first time.

laser tag game

Pew pew pew!

6) Attended a live concert, for the first time.

mtv world stage ticket

MTV World Stage 2011 it was. Enjoyed it!

7) Went for an Aromatic Thai Massage, for the first time.

massage oil

Actually I thought it was awkward – a stranger rubbing my naked whole body (minus the prime part) is something unusual. Glad it was just a massage and nothing more than that!

8) Car’s window glass got shattered, for the first time.

car glass shattered

It happened within the vicinity of the service center. I was dumbfounded when the technicians told me about it.

9) Flew to Kuching, for the first time.

airplane turbine

Thanks to my current company, I was posted there for almost a month for a business trip.

10) On the radio, for the first time.

red fm radio station

It was an interview by Red.FM about my blog and I – and wow, I’ve never thought that I’d be able to go on-air! *strikes-off from wish list*

11) I (kenwooi.com to be exact) was nominated for an award, for the first time.

hidden gem blog

I didn’t win the Hidden Gem category at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011. Nevertheless, I’m delighted that my blogging efforts have brought me this far.


So yeah, that wraps up the list of my 11 significant first times in 2011. But, it doesn’t do justice to more things that have happened throughout the year…

I’ve been invited to numerous food dining (won’t label is as “review” because I’m never a competent food reviewer) sessions – something which I don’t experience in previous years.

food photography

Despite not being a food blogger, I’m glad to have such opportunities. I wouldn’t have imagined myself being able to dine good food at places which I personally won’t go to – for example, restaurants in hotels.

I’ve lost weight aka slimmed down.

swimming pool

Some say I look better, some say I look better being fat. I must be some optical illusion.

I’ve changed job in the middle of the year – currently on my ideal career pathway.

working desk

This used to be my former desk.

I’ve met people whom I used to know online.

malaysian bloggers

There was an occasion where I was introduced to someone as “Ken Wooi”. He instantly went “Ken Wooi. Oh my god!” when we shook hands. I didn’t know I’m so godly. Heh.

I’ve stopped asking money from my parents – 100% independent.

iphone message with mum

But they still sponsor me once in a while. Thank you dad and mum! :D


So ladies and gentlemen, that pretty much summarizes the highlights of my year in 2011.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012. May it be a fun-filled and fruitful year!

red wine cheers

For more to come in a brand new year! Cheers!

35 thoughts on “11 First Times in 2011

  1. Happy New Year :)

    Citibank Clear Card ah…more expensive la the annual fees but if you kiasu like me, you can ask them to waive the annual fees la kekeke

  2. Happy New Year 2012 Ken!!!!
    My application of Citibank Clear card was rejected too! Then they called me back and reviewed my application. So, I applied again and I get my first credit card from Citibank yesterday 31.12.2011 :D Nice one on the end of year 2011.

  3. Happy New Year 2012. Interesting first times. First love is the sweetest & first cut is the deepest. Looking forward for your 12th first times in end of 2012 which shall include how you lost your virginity with pixz too? lolz.

  4. The year 2011 has been filled with the good, the bad and the ugly… hahaha… life is like that.. if there is no sadness, we dont know happiness.. if there is no tears, we dont know laughter…
    Hope 2012 is filled with more happiness and laughter!!

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