Will The Real Ken Wooi Please Joke?

Will The Real Ken Wooi Please Joke?

People think I’m a “comedian” in person – all thanks to this blog which you’re reading right at this moment.

russell peters

The fact is, I’m not.

Throughout the year, I’ve met many new people – well, it’s because I’m already residing in Klang Valley, and everyone seems to be around town.

So if you’ve not met me, you would think of me as a crazily funny dude. For instance, some think I’m a damn pervert – keep talking about boobs. Some would think I’m a chatterbox – can talk probably almost anything under the sun.

adult toy poster

Yes, those are possibly the impressions one would think of when coming across this blog.

Alright, back to my initial point, meeting new people – for the first time. It’s certainly a privilege to finally meet the people whom I’ve virtually known for quite some time.

The first ever person I met when I settled down in the big city was Arthur, or also known as Suituapui. He initiated the meet up, I agreed and we met over lunch at Bukit Bintang.

jalan bukit bintang

His impression of the real Ken Wooi is (in his own words)… “He’s not as naughty as in his blog – he’s such a polite, soft-spoken and pleasant boy.”

Yeap, such fatherly words.

We bid goodbye and have yet to meet again till today. Nevertheless, the “meeting people” part didn’t end there. In fact, it was just the beginning…

dinner outing

I’ve met more bloggers along the way – during movie screenings, events and food dining sessions. Kuala Lumpur seems to be the liveliest place for bloggers in Malaysia. All the most happening occasions happen here and I’m bound to stumble upon more happening bloggers.

Bloggers like Merryn, a long-time reader of kenwooi.com, was one of the first few who invited me out. All she ever knew was this funny dude from Ipoh. But after meeting up, she realized one thing – that I don’t resemble, personality-wise, the person on my blog.

Whereas for Jun Fook, he was expecting us to be talking about Beyonce’s boobs and more boobs when we met up. But truth to be told, our conversations were pretty casual and simple.

jun fook chat 1

jun fook chat 2

jun fook chat 3

jun fook chat 4

I even had face-to-face comments saying that the person I portray on kenwooi.com is an alter-ego while the real person is a pleasant person. Quite similar to Arthur’s comment.

But, but but but… there is an explanation. Despite portraying a creatively fun, witty and super-silly image on my blog, I personally believe that knowing the true personality of a person in real life takes time. It’s not as simple as getting to know someone and start conversing as though we’ve known each other for ages.

On the other hand, I guess it’s easy to identify the characteristics of bloggers who writes about their life and lifestyle. As for kenwooi.com, the blog entries are largely irrelevant to who I am as an individual. Furthermore, I don’t write on personal matters.

flower pin on coat

Know what, almost all readers whom I’ve met expected to see a crazy side of me. But hey, if I’m meeting someone for the first time, of course I’ll behave what… right? First impression counts. Cannot simply simply mah. ;)

No, you say? That’s me though.

I know I’ve been posting up funny photos of myself.

walk away from explosion

This is what you see on my blog. Looks so cool with the explosion behind right? It’s from the Alarms We Take For Granted¬†post and many think it’s hilarious.

But behind the unedited scene, I think I look like an idiot with shades…

cool poser

But, that’s because NO ONE is around at home. I don’t have to be shy or¬†embarrassed, right? Just set the camera timer, pose and Photoshop later – that’s what I always do.

Here’s another one for Of Skill, Fame and Blogging. Posed with a formal shirt with tie and…

geek poser

… shorts? Just because I know the part below the waist is not needed at all. Super #FAIL right?

Oh well, anyway – I bumped into a silent reader recently and I asked her… what does she expect me to be in person?

She thought I’d be Goofy. But I’m not. “You look so serious” – she said. In my defense, I was at work and I’m suppose to look professionally serious. Heh.

But nevertheless – your wish is my command. Here I am… as Goofy.

disney goofy

Don’t come close. I bite – I joke you not!

40 thoughts on “Will The Real Ken Wooi Please Joke?

  1. haha! when my friends first met me, they thought i am such a demure girl, and then after some time, they said i am like a crazy bitch wth!

    like yo said, first impression is berry important ma. must behave, mami said one.

  2. you’re already a joker, just not as epic as the guy (whoever he is) on your blog. hahaha! oh, and since I’m here…might as well add in that you have really…um…nice (?) legs. *this is totally not gay in any way*

  3. yea i remember i met you with the bloggers the other dae and you seem quiet and don’t speak much =x well, i dont judge a book by its cover though, perhaps you’re a chatterbox with the people you’re really close with :)!

  4. ahahaha, what does “ur face forever dam cock wan” means? hahaha!

    It doesn’t matter how different you are from here. I laugh when I read your blog posts, but with the real you, I’m comfortable too, it’s like we’ve been friends forever! XD

  5. Hmm never met u in person so wouldn’t be able to vouch for those comments.. But it’s true, we can’t outright jump or shout or go crazy when first time meet right? Maybe if you’re drunk that’s different.. Plus, being “normal” means you respect the person you meet, instead of jumping around like a monkey and make people hate you at first sight.. :)
    Still, I love reading your funny blog posts.. So definitely continue the “pajama bottom shirt on top” photo sessions.. :D

  6. muahahahahha Goofy is a good one!

    Well you are indeed a very nice boy the first time I met you but I don’t think you are anymore now :P hehehe… you are SUPER NICE! Son-in-law material! Hah!!!

    Cheers :D

  7. Hahaha…See, you’re different when u comes to blog. Funny sial!! Btw, I dont remember Junfook with the boobs, LOLZ!! He dont looks like tat kind of guy~ meh~ just kidding, maybe he is. LMAO!!

  8. LOL seriously? haha. well, me too. I may seem like I’m sad and all through my blog, but then outside, I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of person :)

  9. it’s normal la….we often portray different sides of ourselves online..probably because we can and probably because it feeds our ego to feel like a ‘celebrity’ when we’re actually more down to earth in real life :p

  10. Hi,Kenwooi. I like your blog.I don’t mind you being serious in real life,because that is what our parents taught us to be,but your blog is sensational.Keep up the good work and hope to visit your blog more often and praise you !!!!

  11. hahahaha.. yea.. u are a bit more serious & polite than I thought.. but u are one nice guy! glad that I am one of those who have met u in reality! I remember we were talking about iphone too during our second meet up!!!

  12. walao I was laughing like hell wei! U got a awesome mind which it think to post this kind of stuff! Cheer on buddy :P Cheer us up!

    And laughing at Jfook photo lol!

  13. LOL In real life we only have like what, a few seconds to come up with a come back. In the blog you have all of eternity (especially if, like me, you have no life) But you’re so right lol, it takes a really long time to know someone. Most of the time people I meet who’ve read my blog act like they know me, and i try to take it in good humor. But it’s sort of sad. Or maybe I’m just having my period.

  14. Haha. I believe the funny character is always there in you but you can’t just go all out on a first meeting with a stranger. Same thing when I met Kenny Sia for the first time. He wasn’t at all the guy he seems to be in his blog. I think everybody who’s seen him in person knows that he is so damn polite around ppl. There’s probably some truth in the theory about alter ego and all. That’s part of the beauty of being a blogger. :-D

  15. HAHAHAAHAHA! Nice legs wooooots ROFL
    Eh but I think you’re still funny in person.. Maybe not during the first few times when I met you. Maybe you need time to warm up to someone new :D

    Btw, kenwooi.com has always been THE blog to read when I NEED to DESTRESS loh.. Keep up the good work with the kenwooi-ness LOL! Beh tahan the Goofy face! :DD

    See youuuu! :)

  16. Hah!!! I was the one who “took away your virginity”, eh? LOL!!! Ya…you are who you are, a very nice guy and you don;t have to try and be what you’re not. Stay the same.

    Son-in-law material, Merryn? Ummmm….I’ve a daughter. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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