The Things About Chinese New Year

The Things About Chinese New Year

I don’t think I’m a true Chinese. Eh, what am I saying? Pfftt!

As much as I like having holidays, the Chinese New Year period is just another festive season. Look – it’s Chinese New Year, AGAIN! The CNY last year just feels like yesterday, seriously.

Anyway, one of the typically things about Chinese New Year is the display of lanterns – particularly red ones.

red lanterns

Well, not really. Those at my home are actually left hanging throughout the whole year. They’re only lighted up during Chinese New Year.

Mandarin oranges are another usual must-eat fruit.

mandarin oranges

Don’t you just love nibbling on the juicy orange wedges? Nom!

Next up, the exciting part – collecting red packets, or also known as ang paos!

red packets

Visiting relatives is one thing. Getting extra ‘bonus’ is another thing. :D

And very often, it’s the only time of the year where we receive brand new bank notes!

new malaysian bank notes

I love new bank notes. As much as I wish to frame them up and display it, I guess the money are meant to be spent after all. Heh.

Chinese New Year is also the time where we indulge in New Year food and delicacies!

chinese new year cookies

All packed in transparent containers with red covers, it’s always hard for your hands to resist from reaching into them, pick a piece and start munching. Oh well, it’s the season to be fat – some say! ;)

Also, the noisiest thing of all… the firecrackers!

firecrackers box

They’re actually banned right? But if there’s a will, there’s always a way – by hook or by crook, the suppliers will bring them into the markets. What is Chinese New Year without the traditional firecrackers right?

Boom boom pow!

Another traditional yet annoying thing about Chinese New Year is none other than the songs, and the TV shows.

chinese new year show

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy watching groups of people singing and dancing along to the dong dong dong chang melodies on TV. Syok sendiri much right?

Now they’re just meaningless?

Nevertheless, the best part about being back in hometown Ipoh during Chinese New Year is surely the home-cooked food.

lunch meal

Once again, it’s a season to gain extra weight! There’s just too much stock of food at home. Just gotta love the abundance of food! :D

Other than that, Chinese New Year is the season to be red. In fact, mum told me to wear more red this year – since it’s my year, if you get what I mean. :)

strawberry slippers

So does wearing the red strawberry comfy home slippers count? :P

Besides that, displaying the God of Prosperity statues is so common.

god of prosperity

Surprisingly, they’re all looking nerdy at home. ;)

Well, for the many, Chinese New Year is the season to have fun, fun and fun! For the kids, it’s the firecrackers.

But for the grownups…

carlsberg carton

Yes! The booze! At least we’re drinking for a sincere purpose – to celebrate Chinese New Year! :D

I may not be picky with the choice of booze, but there’s this particular one that captures my attention – I somehow feel that it’s calling my name…

heineken hei ken

Oh, Hei… Ken? Is it greeting me? I think it is!

So after getting to know each other, I’m finally a proud owner of a 5L Heineken barrel! My precious!!!

heineken barrel

Chinese New Year resolution this 2012 – Not to get drunk!

Okay, just joking. But wait, I’m a good boy – I don’t drink. ;)

Anyway, would like to wish you a “Happy Chinese New Year”. Have a bountiful and prosperous year ahead. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cheers! :)

26 thoughts on “The Things About Chinese New Year

  1. Good boy kononnya, haha happy Chinese New Year, meet up soon.

    Hei Ken, where ne? oh hei ne & ken., hei ne ken. you should get married with someone named ne or nene or Jane

  2. I hope you eat a lot this Chinese New Year, sleep a lot, drink a lot, play a lot, have fun a lot, shit a lot,pray a lot and of course gamble a lot – ’cause hey, it’s the auspicious Chinese festive season. Cheer Up!

  3. Gong Xi Fa Cai, ken! hehe should eat strawberry since it’s red or apple?but it is only red skin not the inside.hehe so eat the skin saja lah.
    n i love tart. hohoho those cookies…yummy!hehe really can gain weight.
    love CNY cz salessssssss time especially in Ipoh!haha

  4. gong xi fa cai bro.. i still have one 8foot long red firecracker, something from my wedding a couple of months back.. did not get to light it up though.. probably next year.. or maybe light it when you are around! Boom boom !! hahaha :P

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