How To Be A Job Interview STAR

How To Be A Job Interview STAR

In today’s modern society, our generation loves job hopping. The more often we hop around, the faster the increment of our salary – that’s only if you’re competent enough lah.

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Anyway, it’s not easy to ‘jump ship’ actually – coz you have to endure the grueling interview sessions in order to be offered a job employment in a new company.

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Normally during an interview, bullsh*t happens when you answer subjective questions regarding your experiences – mostly about working in different situations, circumstances and environment.

Usually, I call it the “Are you a superhero?”¬†interrogation¬†coz it’s about the challenges and obstacles you’ve gone through, how you solve them and ultimately – save the day!

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For instance, typical “Are you a superhero?” interview questions are:

1) What problems have you faced during work? How did you overcome them?

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2) Were there any issues with your colleagues? Elaborate.

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3) Were you in a situation you’re not familiar with? How did you respond?

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Well, those questions have similar context, but interviewers beat around the bush to see how you answer from different perspectives, and how you justify yourself.

But hey, if you want to impress – it’s easy! Just refer to the “STAR” method. “STAR” stands for “Situation, Task, Action and Result” – which means to explain the situation, the tasks given, the actions taken and the results obtained.

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This method has been adopted by many to score job interviews.

But here on, we prefer a different approach. Today, the “STAR” term stands for another method – remember, you heard it here first!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s…

interview star method 2

You explain on the silly things that happened during work, what deep-shit trouble it got you into, the anger you felt and the rage you expressed.

Here’s a good example for your reference and perusal…


Meet Ken Wooi – he is unhappy with his current job and is currently attending an interview session. Let’s see how he answers the question with the new STAR method…

interview star 0

Question: Mr. Ken, what problems do you face during your work? How did you overcome them?

Stage 1 – The SILLY things that happened during work.

interview star 1

Stage 2 – The deep-shit TROUBLE it got you into.

interview star 2

Stage 3 – The ANGER you felt.

interview star 3

Stage 4 – The RAGE you expressed!

interview star 4


With that, I’m pretty sure the interviewer will understand your sentiments.

There you go, the brand new “STAR” method for job interviews ! So, go ahead and try it the next time you attend an interview.

I’m sure you’ll get hired. ;)

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Terms & conditions apply. If it doesn’t work, keep trying and no money back guaranteed.

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  1. no money back guarantee.. but can I sue u Ken? LOL!! just joking… I’ve been with the same Company for quite some times now just because I hate interview.. :)

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