No iPhone for iPhone Leather Case

No iPhone for iPhone Leather Case

Quite some time ago, I received a not-so-surprising package.

aranez iphone leather case

It was delivered all the way from Hong Kong. Dai ga hou mou?

The package consist of a charming black box with “Aranez” labelled on it.

aranez iphone leather case

Pretty cool. Don’t you think so?

So you must have already known what’s inside this box from the entry title. It’s so obvious.

aranez iphone leather case

Yes, it’s a genuine kangaroo leather Aranez case – specially crafted and designed for an iPhone 4 or 4S.

So ladies and gentlemen, presents to you – the “unboxing entry” for this black box.

aranez iphone leather case

So, excitement filled my tummy when I opened up the case. More like kangaroos kickin’.

I know it’s just an iPhone case and nothing else, but who knows – Aranez might be generous enough to thrown in an iPhone inside too, since I don’t own a smartphone right?! :D

Okay Ken, dream on…

aranez iphone leather case

Anyway, there’s a leather polish kit in the box.

And the main highlight of the whole package is… the Aranez iPhone Leather Case!

aranez iphone leather case

Looks pretty simple yet sophisticated at the same time. Frankly, it’s my first ever iPhone case.

So I immediately took out my fake iPhone 4G.

aranez iphone leather case

Yes, I own an iPhone 4G. It’s not the “4S for Steve” that you guys have. Mine’s special – it’s “4G for Greatness”. ;)

Slot it into the case.

aranez iphone leather case

Slow and steady – don’t wanna be too rough with the new case.

And there you go…

aranez iphone leather case

My iPhone 4G all fitted nicely into my new iPhone leather case!

A back view of the case…

aranez iphone leather case

Just look at the beautiful leather with Aranez embossed at the bottom. Super cool right?! :D

Then it’s time to play with some iPhone apps…

aranez iphone leather case

Swipe swipe swipe! I love my iPhone 4G, and the iPhone case! WooHoo!

So yeah, that wraps up the quick “unboxing entry” for my Aranez iPhone Leather Case!

aranez iphone leather case

Once I keep it back into the box, I think it’ll be collecting dust until iPhone 5 is┬áreleased. Oh well.

But wait, I recently bought a new phone. It’s my brand new…

nokia 1280

Nokia 1280!

So ancient, it’s like being in the Stone Age with the Flintstones! If it ever fall onto the ground, my heart won’t skip a beat at all – for I know it would survive the fall. ;)

You know, I actually wish the Nokia 1280 can be used with the Aranez iPhone Leather Case. Let’s see how it goes…

nokia 1280 with case

But why cannot fit nicely wan?! *scratches head*

Anyway, never mind lah. I’m smart enough to not own a smartphone. Kthxbai.

P/S: Thank you Aranez for the wonderful gift! :)

24 thoughts on “No iPhone for iPhone Leather Case

  1. Exactly! “Smart people don’t NEED Smartphones!” Am I right or am I right?

    Mine SE Walkman 660i nia. Still okay lar; can sms can call enough lor ;)

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