Posing With the Cat in Kuching

Posing With the Cat in Kuching

I was in Kuching for about a month back in November 2011.

Despite having work commitments on most of the days, I managed to explore the city – all thanks to Sherrie from Cutebun for taking me on a mini tour around Kuching.

kuching dewan undangan negeri

The only landmark that captured my attention has got to be the Kuching State Legislative Assembly, or also locally known as the Dewan Undangan Negeri. I personally find it fascinating, especially its architecture and the distinctive shape of the roof.

Oh, if you don’t mind me repeating – Kuching has got their own deliciously unique food!

kuching kolo mee stall

I’ve already tried various versions of Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa and more Kuching food. Hopefully to be back there for more – one day! :)

Other than the food, there are a few other places I went to in Kuching.

kuching cat museum

Non-Kuchingites, you can’t say that you have visited Kuching if you didn’t visit the Cat Museum. Yes, it’s located in the UFO-like building.

To be honest, I was pretty excited to see the exhibition of cats.

kuching cat museum entrance

Hey, even the entrance to the Cat Museum is a gigantic mouth of a cat. Got even more excited, can’t wait to mess around with the pussies. Heh.

But when I was about to go in, I saw this notice stating… Those who want to use the camera within the museum… must pay?

kuching cat museum notice

WHAT THE… CAT? What a rip-off leh. So you know what, I decided not to enter at all. Pffttt!

Since I’ve made the statement that “You’ve not visited Kuching if you didn’t visit the Cat Museum” earlier, just screw it.

I have been to Kuching, still! Meow!

kuching level up gym

Another place was our ever-famous blogger Kenny Sia’s gym – Level Up.

I went there at night, so it’s obvious that I didn’t enter and say “YO” to Kenny. Just took some photos and then off I go.

On some other weekend, I dropped by the Kuching Civic Centre.

kuching civic centre

Apparently the cityscape of Kuching can be viewed from the top of the tower. I didn’t go up though. Initially I thought it’s a place where Honda Civic drivers do their gatherings.

Anyway, a beach was on the to-visit itinerary as well.

kuching damai beach resort

Damai Beach is about 30 to 40 minutes drive from Kuching. Smooth journey all the way, there was no traffic whatsoever.

To be honest, I was looking forward to see interesting stuffs at the beach. You know, like beach activities and… hot girls in bikinis? ;)

But when I reached there…

kuching damai beach 1

Wah Damai Beach, Y U SO PEACEFUL WAN?

This must be some kind of reserved beach, kept perfectly well – maybe that’s why it’s a really beautiful beach. And Mount Santubong is literally just beside the beach.

kuching damai beach 2

So, there are no signs of any beach activities at all – parasailing, banana boats, speed boats and chicks running around with bikinis. None. Just sounds of the waves hitting the shores of the beach. Peaceful indeed.

I guess that’s the reason why no one comes here? Well, that doesn’t include tourists like me lah.

Anyway, back to the city…

kuching city

This view is pretty common. Every tourist must have taken a photo like this right? A nice view of the buildings with colorful roofs with the State Legislative Assembly standing proud at the background.

kuching road

I may not have covered most of the places in Kuching – but overall, it’s a nice city. Yes, there are a number of adventurous activities nearby Kuching but I wasn’t equipped for that.

Oh by the way, one of the must-visit location in Kuching is definitely the famous white cat statue.

kuching cat statue

Today, I’m gonna show you how to pose with the cat – especially for tourists. There are 3 main poses to perform on the cat…

First, is the… “Conqueror Pose“!

kuching cat statue pose

I came, I saw, I tamed the Kitteh, and I took a photo with the big white cat in Kuching!

The second is the… “Cool Pose”!

kuching cat statue high 5

I gave the cat a paw 5!

And the third and last one… the “Love Pose”!

kuching cat statue hug

For me, I #Bromance with the dudes, #Romance with the girls and…

Yeah, I #Catmance with the cat too. Cuddly waddly puurrrrr! ;)

22 thoughts on “Posing With the Cat in Kuching

  1. ha ha ha.. for sure, damai got it’s own name from that peace.. well, the catmance is the first ever people do.. well, in the cat museum, last time I go, didn’t charge for photo.. now ody caj ah? poor U then.. :p

  2. If you are using a compact camera, you can just slide it into your pocket and just enter the museum. Midway after the counter, slide out your camera and just snap away… :D

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