Behind the Scenes: How To Suck at A Dinner Date

Behind the Scenes: How To Suck at A Dinner Date

So as promised, the “Behind the Scenes” entry for Valentine’s Day Special – How To Suck at a Dinner Date! (Check it out if you have not)

Ceh, sounds like a huge production. ;)

how to suck at a dinner date scene

Anyway, it all started with a small idea at the beginning of the year.

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, and it’d be cool if could come up with something interesting. After the quick self mini brainstorming session, I got the idea.

But then, there was 1 thing missing – a female partner in crime.

dinner table

But yeah, obviously I found her.

So, the photo shoot wasn’t as simple as just entering a restaurant and start shooting. In fact, the preparation done 1 night earlier. I dropped by the restaurant and did some location study.

Preferably the best corner for the photo shoot, and to perform some sample shots and lighting tests.

dinner relax

Initially I wanted the corner with orange background, but after a discussion – the other corner with the red curtain seemed like a better option.

It was a fruitful preparation, all thanks to the assistance from Ramesh. And yes, gotta also thank him for giving me the permission to use the restaurant as the location.

Oh, where was it…?

frontera sol of mexico jaya one

Yeap, it was at Frontera Sol of Mexico, Jaya One over the weekend before Valentine’s Day week.

And on the night that we were suppose to shoot, I didn’t see this coming…

dinner date reservation

Wow, a table specially reserved for me. Nice.

The table setting was great – loved the colorful table cloth with rose petals scattered over it.

dinner date table

They sure made it look as though it’s a real dinner date. The waitress even thought we ordered some fancy Valentine’s menu, but we didn’t. Nevertheless, appreciate Frontera for the initiative! :)

So, the plan was to take several shots for 10 points on How To Suck at a Dinner Date.

note book

Jotted them down onto a notebook for easy reference.

As we prepare for the photo shoot, there were other customers dining at that time. Some looked at us with curiosity, some even looked at us throughout the shoot.

But the show went on. Just do it!

dinner date photographer

The photographer of the night. All looking pro with the tripod.

And once the camera was set up, my partner in crime and I went on with the poses.

dinner date table pose

Just so you know, it was her first time doing something like this. She was pretty nervous, but I’m sure we all know that she managed to pull it off with her facial expressions.

Even Merryn commented – “The girl’s expression is priceless! She acts better than you Ken!”. But wait a minute, how can a newbie be better than a seasoned poser like me right? Oh well…

Along the way, we did various poses. Multiple shots for a single point so that we could get the best pose and facial expression.

dinner date camwhore

There was one with the self-camwhore. But we also decided to do a proper together-camwhore. The photo on the compact camera turned out to be blur though.

I suck at angling and holding the camera like that.

dinner date stand

Then there were times when I had to think on-the-spot on how to come up with silly poses. We had a shot of me ‘singing’ to her, but I guess it wasn’t sucky enough. :P

And you know what, too much thinking on-the-go makes me all stressed up. Hence…

dinner date meditate

The meditating pose.

Felt so much better after that. Heh.

Anyway, the fun part was when we had one of the waitresses to appear on the scene with us – as the waitress. Duh!

dinner date waitress 1

Her name is Belle. Belle, say “Hi” in the comment section below if you’re reading this! :)

Initially, she thought it was a video shoot, but I explained to her that it’s all just photos. Therefore, she neither need to act nor speak – just pose!

Despite her cameo role, she executed it very well.

dinner date waitress 2

Oh wait, coz she’s already a waitress there after all, right? Haha!

Anyway, I didn’t manage to capture the photos of the main courses we had that night.

dinner date meal

Was too engrossed with the whole production and unintentionally started consuming the food without taking photos first.

I’m such a lousy blogger.

For dessert, we had the Cheesecake Chimichanga.

cheesecake dessert

Ah, this time I remember to take the photo first. ;)

Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to credit those who’ve made How To Suck at A Dinner Date all possible.

Firstly, the two main ladies…

dinner date ladies

Partner in crime, Lynn, and photographer, Jane.

And last but not least, a group photo of the production crew…

how to suck at a dinner date crew

Okay, what now? Nothing else right? Any questions? No?

Great, that’s all for now. Stay tuned! :)

18 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: How To Suck at A Dinner Date

  1. Ramesh is super cool for the surprise arrangement! Nice job there Ken and yes, I still think your partner in crime did a better job :P

    *And I still remember what you said last night, “But I did lots of hand gestures wor”.. still.. she has a better facial expression! Bluek! :P *

    Meditating on a dinner date. Ken, you SUCK! ^_^

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