How To Suck at A Dinner Date

How To Suck at A Dinner Date

Valentine’s Day is today! Couples must be having something special tonight – yes, I know, most probably a dinner date right?

You know, I used to wonder – what’s so special about Valentine’s Day? It’s always an ordinary day for me.

But for the guys in a relationship, many of you would be spending that extra cash for dinner to impress your partner. But it’s always not about the money, or the food.

how to suck at a dinner date

It’s mostly about you, your personality and how you carry yourself during the dinner date.

So dudes, today is gonna share with you some pointers on how you could ruin the moment, and make you suck at a dinner date…


1) Seated first.

suck at a date seated

You get seated without escorting your date to her seat first.

You suck! Drag that chair and make sure she’s seated before you do.

2) Indecisive with the selection of food.

suck at a date not sure

You don’t know what to order, she’s probably waiting for you to make the choices. But you ask her what she wants when she is not sure either.

You suck! It’s best to know what cuisine you want and make quick decisions. Don’t look uncertain, take control.

3) Try to impress the cute waitress.

suck at a date waitress

You think the waitress in the restaurant is cute? What the French (or Spanish)?!

You suck! Eres un idiota!

4) Self-camwhore.

suck at a date camwhore

Need I say more? You suck!

5) Eat first when your food arrives first.

suck at a date eating

Indulging your food when hers hasn’t arrived is not acceptable.

You suck! Just wait, even if your food gets slightly colder.

6) Exaggeration during conversations.

suck at a date talking

Some girls may think it’s funny, but too much of King Kong and Ultraman talk isn’t an impressive thing to do.

You suck! Keep the moderation, and be modest.

7) Distracted and not attentive.

suck at a date playing

During the dinner date, your attention swerves to something else. Whatever she is saying to you, you’re not listening properly.

You suck! Pay attention to her, she’s the main attraction of the night.

8) Play the iPad.

suck at a date ipad

Yes, an iPad is a cool gadget to bring around these days. But is accessing Facebook or playing games more important than your date?

You suck! It’s not gentleman to be absorbed to the screen.

suck at a date ipad

The iPad is so much fun, I know.

suck at a date ipad

Writer’s say: Quite recently, I’ve seen couples staring at their iPads during their dinner session. What happened to the face-to-face conversation? That is saddening.

9) Push the bill to your date.

suck at a date pay bill

Well, it’s obviously a guy’s responsibility – but if you’re going to pass the entire bill to her…

You suck! Be the man, and pay up.

10) Leave first.

suck at a date leave

You leave instantly after the dinner is done.

You suck! Make sure that she’s all prepared to leave and then walk together with her.


Well, that’s it – the 10 ways to suck at a dinner date. Pretty common, but often overlooked in today’s modern society.

Oh wait, I just received a text. Must be from my date just now!

*jumps in excitement*

you suck

It’s from her, but… oh no, crap! I’m so screwed! :/

Oh well. Anyway guys, don’t suck at your dinner date alright! And yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day to those who’re celebrating!

P/S: Check out the “Behind the Scenes” for How To Suck at A Dinner Date. :)

41 thoughts on “How To Suck at A Dinner Date

  1. haha.. always good one.. Happy valentine Bro.. and I’m not really sure is she the one I saw the other day.. hahaha.. but I think NO.. that’s not her I saw the other day.. :D

  2. Agree, especially with “staring at screens” thing, be it iPad ke, iPhone ke, whatever. Anything that distracts you from F2F interaction is bad. You have plenty of time to play later! Impression on a date? Only ONCE!

  3. I love these photos!! who took for you? don’t tell me its the waiter, lol!!

    ps. went to catch ghost rider 2 premiere tonight as well, janice chose that over beauty n the beast >< hehe

  4. hahaha! but those are the basics that a guy should know la. not doing those is just normal while some might need to do some little extra to make the girl happy! so perhaps you could write those extra one like “how to make your girl feel sweet in a dinner date!” XD

  5. now we know why you’re still single >.< and I agree with no usage of iPads, iPhones, android phones, whatever phones when you're out on a dinner date. MUST pay attention to her!!! xD

    Having said that, Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

  6. eh…who say cannot suck….can “suck” the “siput thingy mah…neh got one dish with siput with cheese punya…what is the name ady ah…slipped my mind :p

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