Urban Spoon Bistro at Sri Hartamas

Urban Spoon, quite a peculiar name for a cafe situated at the heart of Sri Hartamas.

urban spoon sri hartamas

Located within the compound of the newly constructed Plaza Damas 3, which is directly across the road from Hartamas Shopping Centre, Urban Spoon has been around for about 3 months already.

Despite not knowing what to expect, stepping into the cafe gave me a really good first impression.

urban spoon bistro

The interior is well planned and organized. Cozy and comfortable environment, definitely a great place to hang out and have a good time with the buddies!

So why was I there? To eat, of course. It was during one of the weekends, and Urban Spoon serves their Weekend Roast Buffet…

salad ingredients

…with spoons. Alright.

When you hear the word “buffet”, the thought a massive spread of food must have popped up in your mind. But no, Urban Spoon’s buffet is slightly… different. Theirs are of a smaller-scale spread. More like a spoonful from a big buffet.

But it’s a good thing right – then you won’t be spoilt for choice!

orange juice

I had orange juice. Fresh orange juice.

While some of the buddies had…

red wine

Wine, red or white – that’s their choice.

Now on to the buffet spread, there are…

deep fried finger food

Some deep fried finger food to satisfy the taste buds.

And on to the highlights of the buffet spread, the variety of salads!

salad spread

There are choices like beef salad, chicken salad and you can even prepare your own Caesar’s Salad.

Scoop them all onto the plate, and here…

salad plate

My appetizer for the day – feeling super healthy. ;)

But that’s not all, there are more options like mashed potato…

mashed potato parsley

Topped with parsley, the mashed potato by Urban Spoon is no ordinary one. It’s creamy and buttery like no other!

Then, there’s the Yorkshire puddings as well.

yorkshire pudding

Since it’s one of the recommended dishes by the owner of Urban Spoon, I had to get my hands (or spoon) on these delicious looking puddings.

As simple as it seems, that’s not all.

urban spoon menu

If you prefer, you can always order a la carte dishes from the menu.

But that’s not the feature of the Weekend Roast Buffet. Well, besides that – there are two main food that comes along with the buffet.

urban spoon buffet

One of them is the Lemon-Rosemary Roasted Chicken, and the other one is the Roasted Rib-Eye Beef. Have them with the available sauces and I know I’m up for a good delicious lunch.

Just can’t help it but to keep re-filling on the meats! :)

And once you’re done with that, off to the desserts you go! There are fruits and a couple more of desserts on the buffet spread, but my favourite has to be this creamy chocolate fruit cake!

chocolate fruit cake

The cake is actually crunchy at its edges, a nice munch to it. Thumbs up!

So that’s it for a simple Weekend Buffet at Urban Spoon, nothing fancy or extravagant like the other buffets around. Perfectly suited for a minimal food-consumer like me! :)

Oh yeah, I particularly had fun taking the photos with a spoon in hand.

urban spoon spoon

So, want a spoonful of good food? Time to get spoon-ed at Urban Spoon, will ya? ;)

Urban Spoon Bistro
B2-3A, Plaza Damas 3,
No. 63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Buffet Hours: Weekends 1100-1430
GPS Coordinates: 3.1630, 101.6569
Tel: 03-62012108

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  1. featuring how nice a spoon can do? wakaka

  2. The food looks good here, Ken.. will go fat-fat in no time.. :)

  3. hahaha..i love d idea of taking photo w that so-called urban spoon. nice job! yup d buffet portion is small not like d others but d choices looks like big to me. maybe will try it if im looking for a small n healty foods. haha tq 4 sharing!


  4. haha.. that spoon is everywhere! OMG it’s a conspiracy! urban horrors.. :P

  5. Lol I was reading and then I realised there’s a spoon in every photos! :P Nice one!!

  6. LOL! all the food looks yummy! how I wish I can just touch the food photos and the food will come right in front of me! LOL! =P

  7. so many spoons and some even with your reflections, hahas! when are you going to spoon us with such good food? :P

  8. I love your post approach and photography. Brilliant work Ken!

  9. The food looks pretty good! Yum!!

  10. Love the last photo! The spoon is a perfect tool there LOL!

  11. Choices seem like quite limited but how about the pricing?

  12. why you take the spoon outside the shop! remember return to them ok?

    Good Post bro! imma craving rosemary now! *lick it*

  13. wow .. nice blog you have here, ken wooi..and the pics are awesome…

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