Paper Slipper of Awana Genting Highlands

Paper Slipper of Awana Genting Highlands

If memory doesn’t fail me, I don’t recall staying at the Awana Genting Highlands Hotel.

awana genting highlands

And if it’s true that my memory didn’t fail me, it was my first stay here a couple of weeks ago. Although it’s always nicer to be staying at the peak of Genting Highlands, I guess staying slightly down hill doesn’t make much difference.

So yes, Genting Highlands was the destination over the short weekend.

awana genting highlands tower

Didn’t do much up at Genting actually, so I’m just gonna stick to storying about Awana.

Like any other hotels and resorts, there are the typical facilities…

awana genting signs

Kenari Room, Kedidi Room, Pekaka Room and Enggang Room – I wonder how did they come up with these birdy names. Amusing, I suppose.

As usual, a swimming pool.

awana genting swimming pool

Despite the lower temperature, some still brave the chilly water.

Another facility that I would, and many others, love the most is none other than the Internet Kiosk!

awana internet kiosk

Yes, free Internet. Who doesn’t love FREE Internet?

Can Facebook, Twitter and check out my own blog instantly and conveniently. So cool right? But I guess it’s only applicable to smartphone-less person like me. Heh.

According to the notice, it’s only meant for informative purposes…

awana internet kiosk sign

Do social media and blogs have anything related to informative purposes nowadays? I guess not.

But still… I don’t care!

awana internet kiosk blog is a must visit! :D

Anyway, the hotel room at Awana (basically at most good hotels) are surely one comfortable and cozy room. Especially when the surrounding atmosphere is cooler.

awana genting hotel room

This deluxe room is meant for 2 person, but with 2 queen sized bed available – I guess 4 can fit nicely in the room. Just smuggle extra 2 human in. ;)

Since we were staying at Level 23 of the tower, the view from the balcony was…

awana genting hotel view

Not that spectacular, but still… nice! The air was cool and refreshing as well. :)

Alright, of all things that are available from the hotel room, what I like most is the paper slipper…

awana hotel slipper

This pair of comfortable slipper certainly come in handy, particular for guests who don’t bring their own slippers – like me, for example.

So whenever I walk around the hotel’s vicinity, I would slip my feet into them and just walk out #likeaboss.

hotel slipper 1

Walking on the tar road, while taking photos outside the hotel.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering – yes, I was still in my sleeping attire. Lazy to change lah!

hotel slipper 2

Shot in the morning, on the way to the in-house restaurant for breakfast.

hotel slipper 3

Strolling around the lobby.

hotel slipper 4

Heading towards the lift, getting back to the room.

As much as I love its simplicity and comfort, I didn’t realize how fragile it could be until…

awana hotel slipper torn

Snap! Someone stepped on my beloved slipper while I was walking around, and it got torn instantly!

Eh… HOW TO WALK BACK LIKE THAT? One leg bare-foot?

Yes, I literally had to walk back with a casualty. Hmph!

hotel slipper torn

Dear white soldier, you have served me well. After all the hardships we’ve been through, you’ll be remembered. I’ll never set foot on another hotel slipper. NEVER!

May you rest in peace, paper slipper of Awana.

26 thoughts on “Paper Slipper of Awana Genting Highlands

  1. Ya…some hotels provide those BEDROOM/BATHROOM slippers – not meant for walking. LOL!!! Ya…your room IS so messy!!! Eyewwww!!!!!! You need a woman’s touch…but I think young girls today aren’t much better. Right or not?

  2. HAHA! poor paper slipper. supposed to be for the room but you took it to so many places. you overworked the poor guy! in some countries, that’s considered worker mistreatment.

  3. oh i tot that slipper cannot bring outside. just for the room.

    so funny la when the slipper be like that. hikhik..the moral is, do not use for walking at outside.

    it’s free right? ask for another pair la. hehehe…

  4. eh…awana hotel’s food is absolutely AMAZING…And i meant for all breakfast, lunch and dinner…everytime i’m there (my father’s company used to go there for team training)..the food is a must try..the variety and taste….oh!! so good!

  5. what a lol tribute entry to that slipper. U should post a pic of that person who step on that slipper. So that the slipper can come back as a wandering soul haunting it’s killer.. haha

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