Bromance at 7atenine

Bromance at 7atenine

Bromance – 7atenine was the place it all happened.

7atenine kl

It was a session with Heineken at 7atenine, featuring Atilia, the new Lady of Malaysian Jazz.

I was there, thanks to ChurpChurp. And it was my first time stepping inside this lifestyle pub.

green glowing table

My, just look at the glowing tables and counter. Feels like being in a sophisticated bar of a spaceship.

So it was a night to drink Heineken.

heineken bottle

I had 3 bottles, if I could remember well.

Besides that, there are food as well – particularly the pizza galore!


Don’t ask what is which or which is what – coz I was terribly hungry that night. Just snapped a couple of photos and gobbled them up almost instantly.

Yes, there were music accompaniment that night. In fact, it was a live performance by Atilia.

music equalizer machine

Some songs you get to sing along, some songs you just listen, and some songs just don’t interest you. #truestory

Anyway, the best part of the night was definitely the people around – the company we had.

7atenine kl people

Some of the awesome peeps from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, plus 2 bloggers – if you can spot them out.

Oh yeah, the funny thing was… 4 of us were invited, and we could bring a +1 (or a partner if you prefer) to 7atenine.

So… Elwyn brought Melissa along.

blogger couple 1

Or Melissa brought Elywn – whichever way doesn’t matter. Or they came together, but still – a dude and a lady.

Dylan, being a gentleman himself, brought a female partner.

blogger couple 2

Girlfriend or not, I don’t know. Girlfriend?

And as usual for Mr. Happening, Isaac Tan

blogger couple 3

He has his wife, Janice, with him. So it’s another couple.

In fact, any guy in his right mind would have brought a lady as a company. Right?

But as for myself – when I was informed that I could bring a +1 along, the first person I thought of inviting was none other than…


Ernest from Bro, Don’t Like That La, Bro!

bromance couple

Sipping on our Cokes together at 7atenine. Bromantic or not?

But wait… by the look at Ernest’s face, I must be one lousy partner. He seemed bored eh! HOW KEN? :/

22 thoughts on “Bromance at 7atenine

  1. Wahhhhhhh!!!! That Isaac Tan is now named Mr Happening kah? Muahahahaha!!!! Hmmmm….you two not so bromantic leh? Wink! Wink! Must pose like Isaac and Janice. LOL!!!

  2. Hahaha..The last photo indeed really makes my day. I really thought you brought a lady along with you, mana tau..Hahaha

    Hey, you asked us to guess and you already mentioned their name.

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