Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum

Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum

When one relates my hometown, Ipoh, to dim sum – the famous name “Foh San” normally comes into mind.

ipoh foh san

I always have an affection towards having dim sum for breakfast. As much as I like feasting on this famous Chinese cuisine, there’s always a tiny challenge.

The challenge – waking up early.

Being back in Ipoh on one of the weekends, I insisted on waking up early for dim sum at Foh San.

ipoh foh san restaurant

Eventually, it was quite a hesitant success. Nonetheless, a trip to the famous dim sum outlet in Ipoh ensued.

Here’s a typical “I-had-dim-sum-woohoo!” write-up – let’s walkthrough on some of the delicacies we had that morning for breakfast…

ipoh foh san tea

A perfect company for dim sum – tea, served warm. We had Chrysanthemum Tea that morning.

ipoh foh san steamed dim sum

As usual, a variety of steamed dim sum. Siew Mai, Seafood Dumpling and Prawn Dumpling – to name a few.

Despite numerous unpromising reviews on Foh San recently, I still find the dim sums there deserve a thumbs up! Generously portioned, warm and the ingredients are simply indulging.

ipoh foh san cha siew pau

Cha Siew Pau was on our menu list. One of my favourite, just love biting through the soft bun and into the tender sweet barbeque pork filling.

ipoh foh san chee cheong fun

Chee Cheong Fun, or known as rice noodle roll – prepared with sweet soy sauce, garnished with fried shallots and sesame seeds, and accompanied by 2 pieces of vegetable.

I still prefer the Chee Cheong Fun with red sweet sauce though. :)

ipoh foh san lo mai gai

Next up, Steamed Chicken Glutinous Rice. Well-known as Lo Mai Gai in Chinese, it comes with a mushroom, a slice of sausage and yes, a small piece of chicken.

Delicious I would say – but the ones from the street hawkers are somewhat better, and cheaper.

ipoh foh san egg tart

Here’s another favourite by many – Egg Tarts. Buttery pastry crust with delicate egg custard filling.

ipoh foh san baked bun

Then, we had Baked Bun with Barbeque Meat. Similar ingredient to the Cha Siew Pau, but this one has its bun baked till pastry-like texture. Once again, biting the crispy coating and into the meat is scrumptious!

Now, on to my favourite fried dim sums…

ipoh foh san fried prawn roll

The must have – Fried Prawn Roll. I can never resist the crispy texture and the huge prawns inside – particularly when dipped with the mayonnaise sauce!

ipoh foh san fried yam pastry

Another favourite fried stuff is none other than the Fried Yam Pastry, or also known as wu gok or Taro dumpling. Just love the crisp, light and fluffy outer layer.

Well, we actually had more dim sums than what is featured here – but not gonna put them up. After all, everyone knows what a typical dim sum restaurant serves right? :)

Anyway back then, the dim sums are served with carts pushed by the waiters. But nowadays, there are self-service counters set up.

ipoh foh san serving

Customers gotta walk to the counter to get some of the dim sums. A good mini exercise while eating, I suppose? ;)

ipoh foh san dim sum

Overall, the quality here in Foh San is still well-maintained. Wide range of varieties and they’re freshly made from the oven – or kitchen. It’s always better to come early in the morning to have the best servings.

There are new dim sum outlets sprouting around in Ipoh (such as Qi Yuan Chuan Kwong), but it’s undeniable that Foh San is still the prominent one.

Oh yeah, the damage for that morning at Foh San – just RM76 for 5.

ipoh foh san receipt

You know what, it’s definitely cheaper than Jin Xuan Hong Kong – the recent one I had was RM40 for 2.

But yeah, Foh San is in Ipoh lah. Drive there also must pay petrol and toll already. ;)

Foh San Restaurant
51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Business Hours: Daily 0630-1430, Tue closed
GPS Coordinates: 4.5969, 101.0859
Tel: 05-2540308

29 thoughts on “Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum

  1. I’ve read many posts on this place – I hope to go there one day. The stuff certainly looks classier than many of those kopitiam dim sum places…and I bet they’re a lot nicer too.

  2. wow! so cheap!! haha Eric dint bring me here for dim sum when we back at Ipoh last year. and i still remember we ended up had sucky dim sum ever. LOL

  3. Went to Foh Sun this morning with my wife and 2 kids. The siew mai and hargau were ok. The big pau (like a chinese pie) was good with rich ingredients. The fried fish ball was OK. The chee cheong fun was not good (Equatorial Hotel Penang – much better). Overall am glad that we got to try out this place – but a bit disappointed. Maybe we did not try the signature dishes.

  4. Went there last week bringing some relatives from KL and what a disappointment and couldn’t agree with those positive reviews about the presence state of Foh San. The only good thing about it is the Chinese teahouse ambience.

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