Ipoh Famous Kaya Puff at Sin Eng Heong

Ipoh Famous Kaya Puff at Sin Eng Heong

Whenever I’m back in hometown, I would get a dose of yet another delicious local food – the famous Ipoh kaya puff at Sin Eng Heong.

sin eng heong ipoh

Produced here in a humble shop lot at the heart of Ipoh city, Sin Eng Heong is quite an attraction – possibly the talk of the town when it comes to biscuits.

Well, there are actually a variety of choices being sold here, but the limelight has always been shone at their signature kaya puffs.

ipoh famous kaya puff

The other day when I was there – I had the opportunity to peak into the scenes behind the production of these wonderful kaya puffs.

Nothing overwhelming to be exact, it was just a visit to the kitchen.

ipoh kaya puff owner

The business has been around for more than 50 years, and this man is the mastermind behind Sin Eng Heong. By the way – he sure has good arm workouts with the dough, just look at the toned muscles. ;)

Anyway, he’s still helping out in the production line till today – kneading, rolling and shaping little round doughs. It’s the first procedure of creating the kaya puffs.

ipoh kaya puff dough

“There’s nothing to hide!”, uncle said when I was looking around. Despite the honesty, I believe that the secret to such coveted delicacy lies within the ingredients.

Especially the kaya paste – a secret recipe which lies only within the family business.

ipoh kaya puff kaya

After that, the doughs are flattened, the kaya paste scooped onto the center, and then folded into half and sealed along the edges with the fingers.

ipoh kaya puff preparation

They then proceed to an electrical oven to be baked.

ipoh kaya puff oven

Once they turn golden brown, the kaya puffs emits a pleasant aroma and yes, they are ready to be sold to the customers at 80 cents 90 cents (as of 1 May 2014) RM1.00 (revised price as of 1 June 2016) per piece.

Normally each batch are sold out almost instantly as there would be a queue waiting and also bookings made earlier by patrons. Sometimes, the demand exceeds the supply.

ipoh famous kaya puff box

For 5 pieces (RM5.00 as of 1 June 2016), you get a small plastic pack…

ipoh kaya puff 5

Sufficient to be eaten alone, or shared by two. Or by five people if each takes one, but it’s definitely not enough to satisfy the craving. ;)

And for 10 pieces (RM10 as of 1 June 2016), they go into a box…

ipoh kaya puff 10

Perfect for a group of people, or to be presented as a gift.

Although they are quite mini in size, the kaya puffs are definitely packed with splendid kaya flavour! Furthermore, the layers are flaky and crispy – a perfect crumbly bite.

Nom! Oh yeah!

ipoh kaya puff bite

Can’t wait to get these yummy goodies when I’m back in Ipoh again! Also, try coupons and vouchers for the local cuisine here!:)

Kedai Biskut Sin Eng Heong
64-66, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (Jalan Clare), 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Business Hours: Mon-Sat 0900-2000, Sun 0900-1800
GPS Coordinates: 4.5948, 101.0848
Tel: 05-2439659

[Updated 13 July 2014] The price has been revised to 90 cents (from 80 cents) per piece effective 1 May 2014.

[Updated 3 July 2016] The price has been revised to RM1.00 (from 90 cents) per piece effective 1 June 2016.

sin eng heong kaya puff price

22 thoughts on “Ipoh Famous Kaya Puff at Sin Eng Heong

  1. eh what?? they let u into their shop to see? sponsored or what? the owner was quite rude most of the time especially when my mom went over to inquire about her booking..their kaya puff not bad to me but hard to find one that can compete with them

    1. yeap you are right, the workers there, especially the females are rude and impatient to serve customer =/

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever tried that. Had the ones with meat floss filling, look similar, same shape. Hmmm…so now you know what to get me when you’re hopping over to Sibu for a break…

  3. oh my! i wan the kaya puff too! haha well, the owner always said there’s nothing to hide and shows it all, or even shows the ratio of ingredient, but still… we can never make the way they make it. =S

  4. Living in Ipoh fr 8 years. Only today found out about Sin Eng Heong. I feel stupid.

    Must go n try some ASAP.

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