James Dyson, Don’t Fire Me!

James Dyson, Don’t Fire Me!

Some time ago, I got this big yellow eraser during a job fair.

It has an interesting quote on it…

dyson yellow eraser

Apparently Dyson is quite a good place to work at. Because you’re encouraged to make mistakes, and to learn from them.

James Dyson, if I join your company and keep making shitty mistakes – you won’t fire me as long as I diligently learn right? ;)

14 thoughts on “James Dyson, Don’t Fire Me!

  1. You can make mistakes, but just don’t repeat the same mistake cause then you’re not actually learning from your mistake. Agree with all the above comments!

  2. The card didn’t say you can make the same mistake more than 1 time.
    So you should today trow dog shit to ur boss face, then next day trow cat shit, and so on.

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