Justin Bieber Drinking Water

Justin Bieber Drinking Water

The Bieber Fever has spread world wide!

Now it even comes in a form of a drinking water here in Malaysia!

justin bieber drinking water

Quench your thirst with Justin Bieber Drinking Water today. It will Bieberize your world 2.0.


On the other side of the world: Don’t Wait to Make That Call

Looks like it was just a typical argument you see in dramas and the girl does all mad. But she gets all emotional when the dude got himself into an accident or some sort.

Well, relationships go through ups and downs – but you know what, a phone call can assure love and also settle misunderstandings. After all, how much does it take to make a call?

barbie phone call

Almost nothing at all. ;)

16 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Drinking Water

  1. I never thought you are so addicted to Justin Bieber. When I saw JB Bottle, all I can think of is Johor Bahru but you think differently. Justin Bieber has taken over your life, Ken! Hahaha..

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