Singing Lee Hom’s Ni He Wo

Singing Lee Hom’s Ni He Wo

Lee Hom, a famous man with great talents – and one of it is to get the girls screaming!

lee hom face

Ladies, let it all out. Just scream your heart out! :D

Well, Lee Hom is good-looking, we all know that. Plus – he sings well, and he can play various musical instruments.

Now think about it, how does it feel if you have the chance to be… The Next Lee Hom?

lee hom speak

Well recently, there’s an illness called the Homaniac fever – the Lee Hom wannabes. The question is, are you the next Lee Hom?

Although Lee Hom’s shoes are pretty big to fit in, many people seem to think they’ve got what it takes to rise to the occasion.

That includes yours truly. Check out this video of myself unleashing my inner Lee Hom…

Okay, fail big time. I know. :/

Anyway, if you’re good at impersonating Lee Hom, you might as well win some prizes! Just perform your best Lee Hom impersonation and you could upload a video at, sing a voice recording by dialing *22009, or snap a photo and send to 23131 via MMS.

So will you be the next Lee Hom? Definitely not me! ;)

29 thoughts on “Singing Lee Hom’s Ni He Wo

  1. To be honest, I have a good laugh here. LOLOLOL! And I think you’re either singing “Ba ba ba…” or “Ma ma ma…”. Good sense of humour nonetheless! :P

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