What I Do During Earth Hour

What I Do During Earth Hour

It’s Earth Hour, again.

By now, you would have known that it’s a worldwide event organized to encourage households and businesses to turn off non-essential lights for one hour to raise awareness about the climate change.

earth space

But personally, I think that as much as the organizers want to instill in us the awareness of the global warming threat, many of us take this event as a period to turn off the lights, and stay in the dark.

Over the years, kenwooi.com has been religiously coming up with entries in-conjunction with this massive event, namely Supporting Earth Hour: The Hidden Purporses and Things NOT To Do During Earth Hour.

Well this time around, it’s gonna be about what yours truly do during that one hour being home.

home lights on

First things first, no – I’m NOT switching off the lights at home. It’s 8.30pm at night and I can’t just switch them off and stone. It’ll be dark and the Dark Knight could kidnap me.

Anyway, this is my agenda for Earth Hour.


8.30pm: Watching TV – with the lights on.

home watch tv

Probably watch some discovery series or American Idol. The home-theater would be on too, more oomph while watching. ;)

8.45pm: Use the computer – with the lights on.

home playing computer

It’s bad to stare at the computer screen in the dark.

9.00pm: Lift weights – with the lights on.

home weight lifting

I gotta work out that biceps and triceps. Gotta stay fit. Earth Hour ain’t gonna stop me, oh no no no.

9.15pm: Do push-ups – with the lights on.

home push up

I gotta work out that arms and chest muscles too! Earth Hour may encourage you to work out only your finger by turning switches on and off, but I have a master plan of my own.

9.30pm: Sleep – with the lights on.

home sleeping

After the exhausting home work out session, I’ll get my well-deserve rest.


Oh wait, there’s no need to mention “with the lights on” already, since it’s 9.30pm and everybody will eventually turn their lights back on because it’s the end of Earth Hour.

But if I’m not staying in during that hour, I’ll probably do the usual thing – which is to have dinner somewhere outside.

fei fei crab restaurant

Perhaps have some delicious crab and be fat fat.

Anyway, here’s the point – despite the noble motive of the whole Earth Hour thing, I suppose it’s just a mere publicity stunt. Yes, they unite people to turn off non-essential lights for just that hour… then what?

Life goes on.

earth hour candles

One problem, which I would like to highlight, with having Earth Hour is burning candles. People tend to group up and have candlelight get-together. But hey, do you know that it causes an increase in carbon dioxide emissions?

I guess many won’t bother because burning candles in the dark is fun. But that’s like defeating the whole purpose of saving the Earth from global warming right? No?

What I would like to believe is that, protecting the planet by raising awareness and turning off non-essential lights shouldn’t just be within that single hour.

home light

Because turning off the electricity is a choice. You don’t use it, just off it – that’s common sense and I believe that everyone should be aware of such action. Awareness comes along if one actually care.

Therefore, if you’re not conscious enough, how does an hour of hey-just-turn-off-the-lights help in instilling the awareness?

home light switches

The choice lies in our hands, and the awareness comes from us – not via a publicity stunt called “Earth Hour” that calls up the human race to switch off electricity for an hour.

So when I’m no longer in the living room, the lights are turned off…

home lights off

The solution is simple, use electricity wisely and it’ll indirectly support the cause of protecting the planet.

Switch it on if you want lights, switch if off if you don’t need them. It works the same with… a man’s weenie and sex.

lamp penis switch

Okay, totally out of topic. But you get the point.

People always say “Think of out the box”. But in-conjunction with Earth Hour, kenwooi.com would like to say… Think out of the hour!

19 thoughts on “What I Do During Earth Hour

  1. Yes, I agree with you! It’s just to raise awareness… Sad that some people seem to think it’s the time to party…in the dark and after that, life goes on – nothing has changed.

    Ummmm…I don’t get “the point”. Can you elaborate please? Muahahahaha!!!!

    Nice pad you’ve got there! Rich guy, eh? …and you’ve got a massage chair! Oooooo….!!!!

  2. seems like everybody is complaining about the unwilling Earth Hour back in Sabah. Damn epic. As for me, Earth Hour is a useless campaign. The best is still from our parents,”Ah Chai ah, why so many times also I must tell you, always switch off the fan and the lights when you are out. Don’s waste energy. Ah Pa and Ah Ma work so hard to earn money not for paying the electricity that you are wasting. You want us to rotan your ass is it?” LOL! I think that still become the most memorable moment of my life instead of, why must I switch off the lights when I’m not using it? Cause Earth Hour said so… mother of Earth!

  3. It is stupid to just off the lights for just 1 hour in 1 year time to make the earth greener.
    Just those idiots think it brings effects to “saving the earth”, while it actually wasting more resources of the earth by doing so…
    I am writing an article about this and going to publish it telling why off the lights 1 hour will do more harm!

  4. doesn’t make sense to turn off just an hour on that one day once a year. the whole idea of conservation should be everyday. i wonder who remembers to switch off the unnecessary electrical gadgets tomorrow or the day after?

  5. Hahaha, I remember seeing that penis switched lamp at one of the deco shops. Quite unique and funny at the same time huh? yeah bro, as you said, we should all think out of the hour :)

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