Being Malaysian: You Look Good Today

Being Malaysian: You Look Good Today

Everyone wants to look good. It’s a habit possessed by all of us.

you look good today

Women get cosmetics, accessories, pretty dresses and push-up bras to look good, whereas for the men – they get deodorants, perfume bottles, stylish outfit and push-up hair.

Well, also…

looking at mirror

Reflecting at the mirror is a sign of wanting to look good as well. ;)

Anyway, we live in a society where we like to praise how good others look every now and then. You see someone, you compliment how nice their outfit is. Or, you compliment on how cheerful they look.

To simplify things – it basically means… they look good. Even if you don’t mean it.

purple smiley

Which brings us to how a particular person responds to such compliment. If someone compliments on your good look, a Malaysian would typically brush it off.

It’s true. This is the Malaysian style of handling a praise. No?

Let’s put things into perspectives.

girl look good today

A hot chick compliments that I look good today. Yeah sure, I may think that I look good. Heh. ;)

But wait – by being a true Malaysian, I’m suppose to be humble. So, here are 4 Malaysian methods to respond to the compliment…


1) Deny it!

malaysian no lah

Objection! Just deny the statement, and claim that it’s not true.

2) Question it!

malaysian where got

Are you sure, really sure, that I look good? Where gotttt??

3) Giggle it!

malaysian hehe

This applies only to the ladies. They would giggle or shy away from the compliment.

Men don’t giggle, but for your better understanding – the photo above is just a demonstration. I don’t giggle like a girl, alright! Hmph!

4) Only today it!

malaysian only today

Only look good today? Other days not good looking lah?


So yeah, those are the 4 most common responses from a typical Malaysian. It’s just so unique of us right – us being Malaysians. ;)

Nevertheless, it’s never wrong to be confident with how you look. If you think you look good, by all means – you look good. No one can stop you from thinking that way.

But even if you do love the way you look so much…

kissing at mirror

Please lah, keep the affection at home. Don’t syok sendiri and PDA (Public Display of Affection) with yourself. It’s awkward.

Malaysians are humbly humble! We don’t show off wan, right? ;)

30 thoughts on “Being Malaysian: You Look Good Today

  1. Actually I feel so embarrassed when I remark someone look good and he or she brushes it off. It just means what I said is complete crap to him or her!

  2. My response would fall under the number category. But I don’t ask, I make a statement!

    “I always look good”

    Or I;ll just acknowledge it.

    “I know, Thanks”

    Of course, it comes with a sheepish grin to avoid being labeled as “perasan” lol~

    But usually, when I do look good and I know it, I’ll smile appreciatively and say thanks. Hey, I worked hard for it, it great that my hard-work is being noticed XD

    Oh yes, if you get a compliment from me, be sure to know, I ALWAYS meant it.

    Btw, push up hair? Lol~

  3. that’s a hot chick to you, huh? i seeeee! =p

    the most annoying thing to me are those who camwhores everywhere and upload to facebook saying “i look awful today”

  4. haha..typical malaysian…anyway, i start practising to say thank you whenever i receive any compliment…(my mom ask me to do so), maybe u need to add point no 5 where certain people start telling the origin of their attire..beli kat bla bla *mahal tapi i dapat, poplook,bandung..urghh..

  5. LOL! very typical Malaysian.. we are not that good at saying thanks to such things. Me also.. but nowadays I just smile and run to the nearest mirror.. :)

  6. hahaha, ken u look so handsome weh!!!

    sometimes i’ll say thank you but sometimes i’ll just show a big shy smile on my face and say “NOOOOOOOOOOO LA!” (which it’s most of the time lol)

  7. I thought we are supposed to say Thank You when we are given compliments. Coz if you say otherwise, it will put the person giving compliments a hard time.

    By the way, the giggling Ken… is SO you! Muahahahahhaha…. :P

  8. Heh! Yeah, actually come to think of it a lot of people respond that way.

    However, I’ve seen more people respond with Thank You too which is a good thing if the compliment was genuine. :D

  9. Hahaha yes so true! Oh wait… no doesn’t apply to me. When people praise me I just say thank you. HAHA. Had a good laugh from this post. :)

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