What Ken Likes About His Girlfriend

What Ken Likes About His Girlfriend

Being a man, there are many things we adore and love about our one and only counterpart – the ladies. It can’t be scientifically explained, nor be illustrated by diagrams. It’s based on emotions.

Well, the female species is a fascinating art of work – especially the girlfriend.

holding hands shadow

Yes, if you don’t know. I already have a girlfriend. She’s…


Barbie! :D

barbie face

Oh yeah, how could you not know? She’s all mine from the start. Even the media promotes Ken and Barbie every single time.

Today, it’s about the things that I like about my girl, and basically What Men Like About Women (this is the initial title, but I guess a little twist is more fun). Heh.

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado – these are generally what most of the guys, and myself, like about the ladies…


1) Her smile.

barbie smile

According to forwarded emails and redundant phrases on Facebook, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Therefore, a simple smile could really brighten a man’s day – it’s contagious! So ladies, smile. :)

2) Her eyes.

barbie eyes

The eyes are mesmerizing. Staring deeply into it can only make a man imagine – how does she see him through the eyes of a lady?

3) Her hair.

barbie hair

Ahem. Whatever hairstyle she may have – as long as there is hair – we can always brush our hands against it. Better still if it has a certain fragrant – normally from the shampoo she uses.

4) Her neck.

barbie neck

The neck connects the head to the body, a perfect spot of elegance.

5) Her hands.

barbie hand

Being able to hold her soft and smooth hands are just enticing. It shows why the touch of a lady is always comforting – but being slapped is not considered as touching alright?

6) Her boobs.

barbie boobs

Ahhh, what can I say more? Just read this – Why Men Like Boobs. ;)

7) Her hips.

barbie hips

According to Shakira, the hips don’t lie. I think it’s the most comfortable place to hold a lady.

8) Her butt.

barbie butt

Curves on the butt are nice. Nuff said! ;)

9) Her legs.

barbie legs

The legs are probably the most visible and attractive body part of a lady. It’s sexy, especially for those with long legs.

10) Her personality.

barbie pose

Smart, intelligent, funny and loving – whatever personality, you name it – as long as it complements well with the man, it’s all good.

What?! 9/10 are physical features? But to be frank, men are visually-inclined creature. Despite many stating that it’s the personality that matters, it’s still the physique of a women that plays a big role. It’s true, there’s no denying it.

Now, Barbie is just perfect, isn’t she?

barbie doll

As always, Ken loves her so much!

She’s all mine – you can’t have her and there’s nothing you can do about it! ;)

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  1. I got nice 10 out of 10 but 6 of it is inaccessible to most. and absolutely see no touch. and usually, no see either. So, I’ll leave it to your imagination. hahahahha

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