Marvel’s The Avengers: The New Superhero

Marvel’s The Avengers: The New Superhero

The most anticipated blockbuster, The Avengers, is around the corner – with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Hulk uniting together to save the world from being annihilated by the evil forces.

*fanboy screams!*

the avengers logo

But wait…! Hold on!

According to the director, a team consisting of a metal suited man, a strong man, a demi-god with a hammer called Mjolnir (Myem-nir?), and a green-skinned man… is not powerful enough to protect the world.

Another superhero is needed to ensure victory, and the new superhero is none other than…


Ken Man!

ken man

*Cues Ken Man entrance theme song… Ba ba ba ba da dam dum da pahhhhhhhhhhhh!

In short, this new hero possesses the powers of Superman and the agility of Batman – like a Hybrid Superhero. Ken Man is a superhero that CAN (pun intended) do anything – fly, lift heavy things, stop a train, x-ray vision, walk, run and kiss a Damsel in Distress – whatever you name it.

One thing that makes Ken Man more outstanding is his main power, and that’s the… Orange Thrower!

ken man power

Just a throw of an orange, the enemy will be squashed immediately without any mercy. How powerful is that? Heh.

Anyway, here’s a brief introduction of Ken Man’s involvement in the Avengers team – Nick Fury detected a powerful source from a farm in Malaysia. He then spotted Ken Wooi, a farmer who accidentally ate a radioactive orange.

Upon discovering the new superhero, Nick Fury invited him on a red carpet to join the elite assembly of The Avengers as Ken Man.

iron man welcome

Iron Man was very pleased with the new addition as he strategizes to form the ultimate team to protect the world.

And there you go, the new superhero in the upcoming The Avengers! Check out the latest poster…

the avengers poster parody

So yeah, Avengers… Assemble!

By the way, Ken Man is still a new character and there’s no movie of him yet. But fret not, because “Ken Man the Movie” is currently in production and will be on the silver screen next year!

Check out the teaser poster for Ken Man…

ken man poster

Story line: A new breed of superpower has begun, and it will never be the same anymore. When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Of course, KEN MAN!

Sounds so awesome right? I definitely can’t wait to watch it! :D

22 thoughts on “Marvel’s The Avengers: The New Superhero

  1. ohoh! u are pretty much like one of the character in starcraft where u will sneak into the enemy’s base and then signal the mother base to launch a nuclear bomb to enemy’s base! cool! go go KEN MAN! :D

  2. This ken is that boyfriend of barbie??… :)) I think he is charming…and the girls will fall imediately in love :)

  3. Why Ken man looks so scare in d poster…..
    All d superhero looks macho….
    U should call Oren man… Or mayb sunkist man…
    If ur identify review then ur nemesis will harm ur family n gf….
    Nice one dude… Have a good weekend…

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