My 5 Dream Jobs

My 5 Dream Jobs

I have a permanent job – but let’s be frank, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I love it.

But still, it’s a career passion to be doing what I’m doing right now.

dream job sign

Oh wait, my permanent job is not a full-time blogger okay?

I don’t understand why some people would ask “Are you doing this full-time?” whenever I offer them my blogger name card.

blogger name card

I don’t think I can even survive a month if I earn through writing crap on this blog. Seriously.

Nevertheless, I’m in the IT field by profession but apparently many of you (reading this) only know and address me as a… blogger.

But hey, everyone has their own dream job. As for myself, if given the opportunity – I would like to pursue one of my 5 dream jobs. They are either…


1) Traveler

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? Setting foot on various countries and experiencing the different cultures. It’s a great feat by being a full-time traveler.

mas flight ticket

But the thing is, would anyone even consider sponsoring me a single trip? What more paying me to travel full-time?

2) Chef

I think I watch Masterchef too often recently. Preparing good-looking dishes, research on delicious ideas and come up with new recipes are quite an interesting thing to do.

homecooked noodles

This is the best I could do, for now. Very delicious wan, y’know? ;)

3) Racer

Every man’s dream is to hit the road at top speed. The adrenaline-rush and excitement when you apply the pressure on the accelerator is an amazing and thrilling feeling. To speed up to 300kmph – superbly awesome!

behind the wheel

Well, I could be a “racer” on the highway, but the fastest I can go is just 140kpmh – so slow, and possibly get a summon for that as well. Crap!

4) Lingerie designer

Admiring a lady’s figure (healthily) is certainly a man’s hobby. But it’d be definitely cool if I can design the inner wear for the ladies. Sexy, silky and seductive – yeah, this would be the primary concept!

lingerie outlet

Who knows, one day you girls are gonne be wearing lingerie from… Kenwooi’s Secret. *points at photo above* ;)

5) Dreamer

daydream money

Just sit back, relax and dream while the cash flows in. I don’t really know how it works, but hey… that’s the ideal life of a lazy bastard weh!


Okay, back to reality – I don’t see any of these dream job being materialized anytime soon. They are after all “dream” jobs, which will only happen while I sleep or daydream.

Wait a minute, I could actually be doing Dream Job #5 right now!

But unfortunately…

wallet empty

There was a time where I only had RM1 in my wallet. Money doesn’t seem to be flowing in. :/

P/S: I thought I wanted a career, a dream career. Turns out I just wanted money, more money. #truestory

22 thoughts on “My 5 Dream Jobs

  1. For sure, I also always want to be a full-time traveller like what you saw from my blog. But like you, who gonna support the trips? Who is going to pay all the expenses for my trips? Haiz! That’s why I could only become part-time traveller.

  2. Walawei. Definitely the no 1 is my dream job but lingerie designer oso not bad. I’d design lingerie based on my own imagination. He.

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