3 Days Free Video

Very often, being a Maxis user means receiving unnecessary MMS messages. Really unnecessary ones, I tell you.

For example, this one – received it a few days ago, and I find the content rather amusing…

diana danielle mms

So Maxis, we as customers get to meet and chat with Diana Dianielle, and on top of that – 3 days FREE video of her?

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but what I’m thinking is… naughty naughty! ;)

13 Comments for 3 Days Free Video

  1. Switch to DIGI for zero MMS : )

  2. Ah, I’m pretty sick of it as well. Shouldn’t have gave up Digi after so many years and switch to this nonsense telco.

  3. Free 3 days, you don’t want? You gay, is it? Ummm….who’s Diana Dianielle? Muahahahaha!!!!!

  4. Hey, I want too!! :p

  5. hahaha why dont u try to subscribe or whatsoever and see?! hahahaha show us the result too! =p

  6. Yeaaa. Even digi also! ‘Muat turun Sexy girl video….’ and bla bla bla. so annoying. :S

  7. sigh I always get this kind of msg and sure need to pay 1 lol

  8. What? I tak receive any of these oso..

  9. lol what video? xD

  10. sounded naughty. received that text message too but i deleted without reading further, too much spam sms from maxis these days.

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