Ken Man Meets Knife Man

Ken Man Meets Knife Man

It’s superhero week! Hee-yahh! *flying kick*

In my previous entry, Ken Man (click!) joined The Avengers team. Apparently, Ken ate a radioactive orange and turned into a superhero with Orange Thrower power!

ken man

Oh yeah! That Ken Man’s orange spandex suit! Awesome not? ;)

Meanwhile, Ernest from Bro, Don’t Like That La, Bro got pricked by a knife and turned into another superhero – called the Knife Man (click to discover the origins of Knife Man!) with Stabby Justice power!

knife man

Well, still with a bandage on his finger.

So one fine day, Ken Man decided to meet up with Knife Man, and this ensued…

ken man meets knife man

Oranges are yummy, don’t they? ;)

So yeah, gotta thank Knife Man for the comic! Check his knife uhh… this superhero him out!


On the other side of the world: Being Superheroes!

A few pals and I made a short video clip of our favorite childhood superhero – Power Rangers! GO, GO POWER RANGERS!

Unfortunately, I was just… Ice Cream Man. Meh. But I loved Ultraman! Peeeepipipipipipeee! ;)

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