“Materialistic” Qing Ming

“Materialistic” Qing Ming

“We’ll definitely come back again next year.” – that was what I wrote at the end of Cheng Beng at Sam Poh Tong last year.

Over the years, I’ve been following my parents to offer prayers to my grandparents.

qing ming candle burning

Traditionally, families burn spirit money and paper replicas of material goods. In Chinese culture, it’s believed that people still need all of those things in the afterlife.

When I was there this year, I can’t help it but to notice what the other families are burning for their ancestors.

So, these are some of the material goods I saw on that day…

qing ming colorful

A bundle of colorful papers. Not sure what it is though, perhaps their ancestors like colorful stuff?

qing ming treasure chest

A huge treasure chest. I believe it contains essential needs such as clothing, food and I don’t know what else.

Then, more of the bigger stuffs.

qing ming red car

A red van – with a driver included.

qing ming bmw

Ahh, this one is expensive. A BMW – it’s definitely gonna be a good ride up there eh? Fast and furious with the deities! ;)

qing ming pink bag

For the ladies, a pink handbag. It should have girly stuffs such as packs of tissues, 10 different lip glosses and other cosmetics, snacks and lots of other junk.

qing ming lv bags

Then, the most coveted one – the LV (in this case, LW) handbags!

But it makes me wonder – were our ancestors so materialistic that they want LV (paper) bags sent to them?

qing ming house

Next up, a huge house or bungalow – with furnishings all illustrated over it. So luxurious.

qing ming massage chair

A massage chair, probably an OSIM one. Life’s definitely good for the ancestors.

qing ming tv

Then, a Full HD television with a complete set of home theater. I’m sure it’s pretty happening on the other side of the world eh?

Well these days, it’s the era of touch screens and tablets. Hence…

qing ming apple

The iPad and iPhones for the ancestors as well?

Wait… do they even know how to use them? Coz it used to be phones with big buttons, paper pads and medication tables back then.

But you know what, even before the announcement of the new iPhone 5 – Apple apparently has already released the iPhonie 5 for the deceased.

qing ming iphone

Presenting… the iPhonie 5! This changes everything up there. Again.

Anyway, my dear descendents – if you’re reading this and you’re not sure what to burn for me during Qing Ming. Fret not, coz all I want is…


An Iron Man mask! Burn this…

iron man mask origami

Yes, I admit my true┬áidentity. I’m after all… Iron Man. ;)

23 thoughts on ““Materialistic” Qing Ming

  1. hahahahaa!!!! I know the burning of offerings is getting much more interesting each year. When I was young, I used to throw the colourful paper over the grave.

  2. to me, qing ming is the time when the elders spend more money on paper items that are to be burn, and cause more air pollution. not only that, they burn firecrackers “pao jeong” as long as they can find. what for? to wake the ancestors?

  3. Burning all these are like burning money! LOL! I doubt the dead will get them, and even if they do how do we know they have not already reborn into the world? So we are burning for who now?

  4. Interesting. Being a Christian, I don’t observe Ching Ming – but All Souls’ Day instead, Nov 2nd, so I do not get to see all those things. You went back to Ipoh for Ching Ming, di you?

  5. similarly as STP, i dont really observe Ching Ming too, but will be joining Janice’s family’s one probably next round. Interesting, and the iron man one.. for real?

  6. Hey, that’s not any ordinary red van, it’s toyota alphard. All branded stuffs….

    Don’t burn Ipad or Iphone to our late great-grandparents or grandparents la, later they dunno how to use, come and haunt our dream every night…. nightmare, lo.

  7. You know, I noticed there are more awesome stuff each year. There was this family in Sibu which burned a *scale* model of a Mercedes. It had to be transported in one of those trucks that carries a fleet of cars in two stories.

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