The Specialist Job

The Specialist Job

I’ve come across job titles such as IT Specialist, Solution Specialist, Quality Assurance Specialist, and other “specialist” jobs.

But this “specialist” job at point 4…

popcorn specialist

Popcorn Specialist? Woah… cool job title weh! Making popcorn is a specialization nowadays eh?

So what’s next?

What about the window cleaners? They should be called…

window cleaner

Vision Clearance Specialist!

The trash collector should get a cooler job title too…

trash collector

Environmental Cleanliness Specialist.

As for myself, I’m not a “Blogger” then. I should be called the…

kenwooi blog wall

Blog Specialist – Specialized in KenWooiDotCom! ;)

16 thoughts on “The Specialist Job

  1. haha! how nice if i can work as a popcorn specialist. At least no stress and can see the happiness of people who bought the popcorns from me. Am I the “blog comment specialist” cause I always leave my comment in your blog? haha :P

  2. I know, thats bcause nowadays a lot of private college offer a diploma in popcorn making. If the applicant have a qualification of Degree in Popcorn making or Master in Popcorn Making, the salary will be higher u know? There might be a Popcorn Consultant out there that we don’t know. Hahaha

    P/s : btw i saw u in Battleship Screening just now. Don’t know why i wanna laugh just by looking at ur face. U are funny specialist u know? ;p

  3. cannot say like that. if u ask me to go make popcorn, i wont b able to do it. so those people are indeed specialists in their own rights.

    and i think i’m a specialist as well….waste time specialist. always daydream till donno where even at work :P

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