Sushi Tei: Interesting Japanese Food in Malaysia

Sushi Tei: Interesting Japanese Food in Malaysia

Many of us love Japanese food.

Here in Malaysia, Japanese restaurants are sprouting like wasabi these days. As a result, chances of us ending up in a Japanese restaurant for a meal is pretty high.

Well, that happened to me quite some time ago – at Sushi Tei. The one at Tropicana City Mall, to be exact.

sushi tei

It was my first ever Sushi Tei visit. Don’t ask me why – perhaps it’s just that I have other Japanese restaurants in mind. ;)

But still, it’s never too late to try out new ones.

volcano maki

Here at Sushi Tei, they’re having a promotion called Spring Promotion with a wide variety of Japanese dishes.

Despite not having to visit Japan yet, it got me thinking – are these authentic Japanese food, or are they fusions of foreign food with a Japanese touch? Well, obviously they’re fusion-ed, hence making them interesting.

Check this one out – Soft Shell Crab Tortilla Pizza.

soft shell crab tortilla pizza

Tortilla Pizza? Isn’t it originated from Italy or Mexico? I highly doubt the Japanese would claim it as a Japanese food – but it’s interesting!

I can’t deny the fabulous taste of the soft shell crab with cheese topping and crispy tortilla base. Served warm, and best eaten while still warm.

Here’s another interesting one – Maguro Yukke Pasta Salad.

japanese pasta salad

Pasta is a traditional Italian cuisine right? Once again, Japanese enough? I doubt so, excluding the fact that it has a Japanese name to it. Interesting.

But being a Malaysian who can eat anything, having pasta salad with minced tuna and French (you see!) dressing is perfectly fine as long as it tastes good – which it does.

Another interesting Japanese dish is this one – Asari & Hotate Garlic Shoyu Pasta.

garlic shoyu pasta

Once again, pasta comes from Italy and is irrelevant with the Japanese culture. Instead, Japanese’s style should be more soup oriented – for instance, Ramen and Udon.

Nonetheless, the stir-fried asari clam is big and chewy, and it blends pretty well with the pasta.

Here’s another interesting one – Sakura Ebi Okonomiyaki.

omelette okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a well-known Japanese pancake topped with a variety of ingredients. Sakura is a Japanese name for a girl. Ebi, I don’t know what it stands for.

But wait, is it Japanese? Perhaps, but Japanese or not – this omelette tastes really good. Warm and soft, with a mix of assorted flavours.

Then, we have Eringi Batayaki.

eringi mushroom japanese leek

Prepared with Eringi mushroom and Japanese leek, this seems more like a Japanese cuisine. Coz… the ingredients are pretty Japanese.

The Maguro Heart Roll is another interesting one.

japanese heart roll

Wrapped with tuna belly and shaped into a love shape, it tastes like any other sushi. But still, it’s commendable as it is interestingly an unusual-looking sushi.

Nevertheless, Japanese food are always interesting to me. One of my definite favourite has to be…

tamago maki

Tamago Maki. Tiny and small, gotta love the Japanese omelette right in the middle.

Also worth mentioning is Sushi Tei’s Hokkaido Corn Cream Croquette.

corn cream croquette

Damn, this is good. Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside – simply delectable and heavenly!

So, despite getting to dine many types of Japanese food in Malaysia, I’m always curious about the true authentic Japanese food in Japan. Personally, I believe that here in Malaysia, the food is customized to suit our taste.

Another perfect example is… Toyko Street at The Pavilion.

toyko street pavilion

Question: Do the streets in Tokyo Japan have any resemblance with the “Tokyo Street” here in a Malaysian shopping mall?

Well, no matter how much Malaysians fancy Japanese stuff, we’ll never know the true Japanese culture until we set foot onto the Land of the Rising Sun.

dorayaki smile


You know, Japan has been one of the top destinations on my to-visit list. I’m so gonna work on a trip to Japan, soon! Japanese boobies, here I come!

Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall
Jalan SS20/27, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor
Business Hours: Daily 1100-2200
GPS Coordinates: 3.1304, 101.6274
Tel: 03-77289299

22 thoughts on “Sushi Tei: Interesting Japanese Food in Malaysia

  1. 1. Even during Meiji, Japanese takes other country delicacy, fuse it with their own style and make it their own national, such as curry and pasta. The fusion doesn’t happens in Malaysia. Fusion is a part of Japanese delicacy history.
    2.Sakura Ebi is a noun, a food i.e. shrimp, the name in menu is not meant to be seperated.

  2. Hmmm ya thats why we have “pasta zanmai”? LOL

    Sushi Zanmai is so far the franchise which serves best and affordable japanese food in MY. =D

  3. Not into Japanese food. Ours in Sibu is named Sushi Tie – the owner’s surname’s Tie. Will only go when my daughter’s home – she loves Japanese food, not me. Expensive and not filling and I prefer stuff with stronger more exotic tastes.

  4. The answer to your question, NOPE. The streets in Tokyo Japan is not da same as our Tokyo Street here in Msia. Over there you see Japanese girls cycling in mini skirt on cute pink bicycles eating ice-cream in cold weather with goosebumps all over them. William said they are super cute that way! >_<

  5. I had a really bad experience in sushi tie tropicana…..
    It cost a fortune when u eat at japs restaurant in jpn…..
    Of course the quality n taste is really good…
    I guess tat u c too much of jpn av boobies…. Lol…
    Just a small tip try to learn some basic japs language if u plan to visit there…….

  6. I never visit Sushi Tei before >.< Pity me & u r so lucky to have a working trip to Japan, I know is a working trip but better than none right?

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