Being Malaysian: Where What When To Eat?

Being Malaysian: Where What When To Eat?

Malaysians love to eat – all the time. Customary breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner meals don’t do justice to us and our hungry tummy anymore.

Food is glorious.

where to eat guide

Therefore, we have ad-hoc meals whenever we want – pre-lunch, post-lunch snacks, supper, post-supper, and sometimes – midnight food bash!

Munching on food and satisfying ourselves is probably the best hobby for the Malaysians. But surprisingly, Malaysia is not a nation of obesity, yet.


Food is abundant, with restaurants and eateries sprouting like mushrooms all around. Every corner there’s a mamak, every tall buildings with a bar at the top, and every lorong belakang (back alley) has a cheap yet delicious delicacy.

Hence, it creates a serious problem to Malaysians these days. They lose their decision-making skill when it comes to having meals!

So many food but still, they have no freaking idea WHERE and WHAT to eat! Seriously?

good directory

Personally, whenever I’m at a shopping mall I’ll check the directory for a place to dine. Perhaps too many options. Yes, guilty as charged.

And by being Malaysian, when it comes to eating together in a group – we throw the hardest riddles EVER, to each other.

Well, here’s a typical scenario of an attempt to solve the cannot-be-resolved riddles…


Riddles 1 – Where to eat?

where to eat question

The question is simple, where to dine? Just state your preferred location and we’ll head there.

But a typical answer by a Malaysian is…

where to eat answer

Indecisive, probably leaving the decision to the rest. Anywhere is fine as long as there’s food – so it doesn’t matter.

Riddle 2 – What to eat?

when to eat question

Another simple question, what do you feel like eating? Chinese, Malay, Western? Just pick one and it’s decided.

But yet again, a typical answer by a Malaysian is none other than…

what to eat answer

Being indecisive as usual, or is it a common ‘tak apa’ attitude?

Riddle 3 – When to eat?

when to eat question

Yet another easy question, when is the suitable time to have a meal? It’s as simple as just stating a number.


when to eat answer

Once again, the Malaysian style keeps the riddles unsolved!


But eventually, a place is picked… after like 30 minutes of unnecessary discussion, particularly when someone finally (and sometimes, reluctantly) decides a place and everyone ‘tak apa’ly agrees.

pavilion toyko street

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the ultimate crisis (worse than the economic crisis) we face everyday. Food is so coveted, yet the journey there is always the hardest.

Know what, one day I’m gonna start up an eatery with a unique name…

eating discussion

eating decision

A restaurant I proudly call…

anywhere anything anytime

Anywhere, Anything, Anytime!

Like that, every Malaysian will definitely visit my place to eat! Joommmmm makan! ;)

23 thoughts on “Being Malaysian: Where What When To Eat?

  1. #truestory. hahha

    me: where you wanna go?
    them: anywhere la.
    me: what time you wanna go?
    them: any time la.
    me: how you wanna go?
    them: anything la.

    D: Malaysians !

  2. But there is another problem – when people ask where to eat and I suggest a place, they will say why not try another place. So yes, better just say anywhere! : D

  3. Aaargh…I get into that rut of where to eat and what to eat almost everyday. SO many new places springing up that I want to try yet there are so many good old ones that I want to return too.

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