You Look Good Today: Comic Version

You Look Good Today: Comic Version

Quite recently, I wrote about Being Malaysian: You Look Good Today¬†–¬†which highlights the typical responses by Malaysians when they get complimented for looking good.

purple smiley

Eventually, the entry got quite a positive respond and Ernest from Bro, Don’t Like That La, Bro decided to illustrate the entry into a comic strip.

If you haven’t read the original “Ken Wooi” version or you need a refresh, head on to Being Malaysian: You Look Good Today (click!) first.

Once you’re done, here’s a comic version by Ernest. Enjoy!

kenwooi looking good comic

Haha! I personally like the “rainbow imagination” add-on! Well, this is definitely the first adventure of “Kenwooi Adventures”. More to come, I hope? :P

Nevertheless, gotta thank Ernest for the comical illustration!

comic story telling

Go check out more of his perverted and bromantic comic strips at Bro, Don’t Like That La, Bro (click!) now! ;)

But seriously, if you say I look good today – I’m still gonna respond…

malaysian only today

Eh, say lah I look good EVERYDAY!

Stay tuned! ;)

23 thoughts on “You Look Good Today: Comic Version

  1. LOL …..but i got the other way around ….
    instead of LG .. I compliment to the girl
    “today you are so pretty”…
    They respond …aiye…
    I day day also pretty le ..
    u dont notice only mah….

    then I would reply ..
    “er.. er .. no le today you are exceptional pretty than the other days”.

    even they want more ..

    you sure?

    “Yes of course you are so pretty …” n sometime have to swear .. just to make her believe..

    They want to hear at least 3 times saying that they are pretty.. not so humble huh…


    Happy weekend ya..

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